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Spring heralds the start of the sweet itch season for many horses and ponies. Here are our top sweet itch tips for beating the itch this spring. Hence Sweet Itch In Horses? 10 Tips To Save The Scratch:

  1. Plan ahead. If you know your horse suffers from sweet itch, start your management programme well before the midges arrive. It can often take just one mild day to see them come out in their masses and only one bite to trigger an attack.
  2. Stock up your sweet itch products to ensure that a sudden surge in demand doesn’t see stock run low or you running out.
  3. Check your sweet itch rug for any holes and rips and do repairs to keep your horse fully protected.
  4. Choose your grazing carefully. Your ideal field for the sweet itch sufferer is one which is well-drained and preferably on chalk soil, rather than clay. An area well away from any natural water source and far from rotting vegetation or a muck heap is ideal turnout.
  5. Clean, empty and refresh your field water troughs regularly to prevent attracting midges thanks to stagnant water.
  6. Your stable can provide solace against the worst of the midges. If you can be flexible on turnout times, choose to turnout in the middle of the day when the midges are not at their peak activity.
  7. Midges do not fly in strong wind, heavy rain or during bright, clear sunshine, so your horse may be able to enjoy more field time during these conditions.
  8. Putting a citronella fly strips high in the rafters of your horses stable (out of reach) can help as well as adding screens to the door and window openings but be mindful of ventilation, especially in hot weather.
  9. Regular application of a fly repellent alongside a protective rug at all times when the midges are active.
  10. As aloe vera is a natural anti-inflammatory, Aloeride is an excellent addition to your sweet-itch essentials. Aloeride also supports healthy skin and hair growth and recovery.

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