How To Reduce Your Carbon Hoofprint in 7 Easy Steps

Reducing your carbon hoofprint isn’t as difficult as you think horse owners! Follow a few of our tips and you will be galloping to save the planet. How To Reduce Your Carbon Hoofprint in 7 Easy Steps…

1. Recycle & Upcycle
Recycle your plastic and cardboard and think about donating your old boots, bits and tack to a local equestrian charity or putting it online to sell it. Before you throw something away, ask yourself if it could be reused or repaired rather than ending up in a landfill site. A less than waterproof turnout can be re-waterproofed and if it still isn’t standing up to our great British weather you could always use as an outer stable rug as an extra layer of protection for your stable rug against manure! Haynets with holes can be repaired with bailing twine too. Think before you throw!

2. Buy Local
Where possible buy local. From your feed through to your bedding and bits and pieces. Feed which incorporates local ingredients or is manufactured on site is one way you can help reduce your impact on the planet. Our aloe vera supplement is made here in the UK and we pride ourselves in being mindful of our own carbon footprint. Our cartons are made from recycled cardboard and our packaging can all be recycled. Did you know that imported sugar beet pulp is a by-product of sugar, so while it incurs food miles, it’s a fabulous by-product?

3. Sharing Is Caring
Sharing your transport to a show with friends at the yard not only saves money but also emissions. Try and plan your competition outings in the lorry or trailer with friends. You’ll have great company and be saving money too! Organising a riding clinic on site for your yard with a trainer and inviting other horse riders from local yards within hacking distance is another way to cut down on traffic on our roads and bring together your horsey community.

4. Switch Off
Remember to save energy and fuel bills by turning off lights and appliances when not in use. Boiling enough water for a coffee or tea rather than overfilling it just for one drink might seem insignificant but over time that is a lot of energy you are saving just in that one cuppa! Using energy saving bulbs but then leaving phone chargers plugged in that slowly drain energy are aspects you need to think about and simple changes you can make to your yard.

5. Get On Your Bike
Rather than using your other mode of horsepower (car) ride your bike to the shops rather than getting in the car for short journeys. Not only will this help you get riding fit but it’s one less vehicle on the road.

6. Mucks Away
Removal of the muck heap is always a significant consideration for horse owners and an inevitable consequence of horse ownership. However, if your choice of bedding allows, it might be worth contacting your local garden centre and letting their gardening customers know that they are welcome to come to your yard and help themselves to your muck heap for their gardens. You can also look at reducing the size of your muck heap by swapping to a more absorbent type of bedding and fitting rubber matting in stables.

7. Buy In Bulk
Buy your feed and bedding in bulk (where possible) and space allowing. One trip in the lorry or one delivery is better for the environment than several journeys. Aloeride is also available as a multi-purchase and saves you money too. See what offers your local tack shop can do for you when purchasing larger volumes – you might be surprised!

Make a change today and ensure your carbon hoofprint is a lot less!

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