5 Reasons To Love Your Horse More Than Your Partner

5 Reasons To Love Your Horse More Than Your Partner

If your idea of ‘tall, dark and handsome’ comes in equine form, then our latest blog just in time for Valentine’s Day is just what cupid ordered! We know you probably didn’t need any reasons to love your horse more than you already do, but here’s a few anyway…

1. Your horse will never moan about the state of the house, the lack of food in the fridge or how many hours you spend down at the yard. Forget his usual treats though, and you may have issues.

2. Your horse is always pleased to see you (unless he’s having fun in the field with his friends) in which case, he might be a little distracted.
But then he will be extra pleased to see you when you return with that feed bucket.

3. Your horse will never judge your wardrobe or your hair and make-up. Which is a blessing, considering these aren’t on your agenda when you are trying to cope with gale force winds, snow storms, mud and more mud.

4. Your horse loves the food you serve up. Not forgetting those after dinner (polo) mints he gets when you leave the yard. * As long as dinner is served on time. Any slight delay will result in excessive drama including acrobatic moves and extreme door kicking, thus disturbing anyone else who wanted to enjoy their dinner in the peace and quiet.

5. Your horse will never moan about the endless stream of vet/farrier/feed/bedding/rug repair bills or the fact that you are always too tired to do anything after 9 pm and are constantly broke.

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