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Our Christmas Offers give you healthy discounts on healthy supplements for you and for your horse

Until the 31st December 2019 you are able to secure discounts on the below remedies. Simply click any of the product links below to add them to your Shopping Cart, enter coupon code baubles2019 (for Aloeride) and/or bubbles2019 (for ParaRizol, Probion, Boswellia) and decide on the quantity that you want to save money on. Merry Christmas to you! We don’t limit how much you can buy but we have a limited Christmas stock. Our Christmas Offers give you healthy discounts on healthy supplements:

SUPPLEMENT Recommended Retail Price (ex VAT) Discount Percentage Christmas Savings Christmas Price (ex VAT)
Aloeride aloe vera for Horses (12 litres into 30 powder sachets) £55.20
VAT exempt
30% £16,56 £38.64
VAT exempt
Aloeride aloe vera for You (2.4 litres into 28 vegetarian capsules) £20.83 30% £6.25 £14.58
Para Rizol Gamma (original formula) £34.00 20% £6.80 £27.20
Para Rizol Zeta (small intestine bacterial overgrowth) £34.00 20% £6.80 £27.20
Para Rizol Suppositories £27.35 20% £5.47 £21.88
Probion Probiotics Daily £24.60 20% £4.92 £19.68
Probion Probiotics Basic £22.30 20% £4.46 £17.84
Probion Probiotics Active £22.30 20% £4.46 £17.84
Boswellia Sacra Essential Oil £45.83 20% £9.17 £36.66
Han van de Braak

Han van de Braak BSc LicAc MCSP MBAcC (Retd.) is a registered healthcare provider who started to make the best possible in aloe vera in 2002. Aloeride aloe vera for Horses and Aloeride aloe vera for People are Soil Association Certified Organic and give you the best in aloe vera at the best price.

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