The hard truth hooves hard ground


We all know that baked hard ground is the result of great summer weather, but when it comes to looking after your horse’s legs, you need to take extra care, so here are our top 5 tips for perfect pins!

  • It should be obvious but if the ground is hard then don’t ‘run’ your horse. There is always another competition, another day but not new legs!
  • If your horse is the type to take a good gallop around the field on turning out, try riding or lunging him before in the school to take the edge off and save his legs.
  • Looking after your horse’s feet is particularly important, and regular shoeing is essential. Your farrier may suggest remedial shoeing or padding if your horse really suffers from the hard ground.
  • Nutritional support can also help promote strong and healthy hooves, and Aloeride is your all round easy to feed taste free supplement that helps promote healthy hoof growth.
  • Check your horse’s legs daily so that you notice any new lumps, bumps, heat or swellings and pick his feet out regularly. They might not be full of mud, but stones can still be lodged in the frog or manure which when compacted won’t promote a healthy environment in the foot, causing more problems.

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N.B: This advice is general and we would always recommend that you seek your own vet’s advice concerning your horses’ wellbeing and management.

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