4 Questions Horse Owners Are Asking Google Right Now

4 Questions Horse Owners Are Asking Google Right Now

We put 4 of the hottest summer horse topic questions from Google to our MD, Han van de Braak, for his expert comment. The 4 questions horse owners are asking Google right now are:

Do horses need hay in the summer?

Whether you choose to feed hay or haylage in the summer months depends on several factors. The type of grazing your horse has access to and the weather patterns, and your horse’s overall condition are vital considerations. Other factors include poor quality grazing, an under-conditioned horse or a long and dry and hot weather spell. Shorter grass shoots have the most nutrients but lack fibre. That’s when your hay supplementation comes into play. The breed of horse is also necessary to consider. The more hardy native type breeds don’t need hay if they are turned out 24/7. However, if your horse is stabled at night or part of the day or you are restricting grass, feeding some roughage during these periods is advised to support the horses’ digestive system.

What do you feed horses in the summer?

As with feeding horses in the winter months, looking at the horses’ workload and general condition still come into play. If your horse has access to a rich pasture, then reviewing your horses’ diet could involve reducing the amount compared to his winter feed when he may be colder. In the winter months, your horse might be burning off more calories keeping warm, and he or she won’t be enjoying the same lush grazing as they would be in the spring and summer months. Weight taping your horse regularly will help you keep an eye on weight fluctuations to make feed adjustments gradually. You may also want to review your feed supplements. For example, unlike Aloeride, which is a fabulous all year round supplement, feeding garlic (which is generally fed in the summer to ward off flies) may not be worth feeding during the winter months here in the UK.

Can horses handle hot weather?

Just like humans, how horses handle hot weather depends on the level of heat, fitness and age. An overweight human in their late 50’s who does minimal exercise asked to walk up a flight of stairs in 30 degrees will struggle. However, a regular gym go-er in their 20’s at their optimum weight will, of course, find the stairs much more effortless. With all horses, it is essential to limit prolonged exposure to high temperatures to avoid summer health problems such as heatstroke and heat-related issues such as muscle spasms, dehydration and colic. Consider feeding electrolytes in hot weather, turn out at times when the sun is not at its strongest (early morning till midday or overnight) and ride your horse again, either in the early morning or late in the evening. Ensure that your horse also has access to clean, fresh water at all times. Giving your horse access to a salt block in the stable or feeding salt during the summer is important as salt is a vital mineral in your horses’ diet and helps maintain optimum pH levels. Without an abundance of electrolytes inside your horse, H2O will leave it quickly. Electrolytes is one of those 4 questions horse owners are asking Google right now, and too many sites give incomplete answers. Between Aloeride and salt house in field with loose NaCl and sea salt rock near clean fresh water, you’ve got this covered.

How to encourage a summer coat?

No amount of grooming and shine products will develop a beautiful summer coat and shine. Of course, you can cheat it for a show, but skin and coat are a true reflection of well-being. Aloeride helps develop coat shine from within, so you don’t need hours of elbow grease, shampoos and coat shine to make your horse sparkle all year round, even on clipped and winter coats! For those horses that are sensitive to sunlight in the sense of skin burn, help and protect your horse by feedling organic aloe vera by mouth in proper dosage… you guessed, that is another benefit of Aloeride.

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