5 Reasons To Bring Your Horse To Camp

5 Reasons To Bring Your Horse To Camp

Adult horse camps are soaring in popularity, and if you have never taken your horse on one, here are five reasons why we think you should give one a try. Here are 5 reasons to bring your horse to camp:

Polish Up On Your Passion

If your passion is Showing, Dressage, Jumping, Eventing, Natural Horsemanship or discovering the beautiful British countryside, there is a horse camp out there for you! Some camps will offer a good mix of everything whilst others are tailored specifically towards a particular area or discipline. Horse camps are a fantastic escape from the everyday and generally will give you a great mix of learning and fun.

Make New Friends

Horse camps are a super way to meet new people and make new friends. Choose a local horse camp, and you could even meet new hacking buddies! Meeting like-minded equestrians will make horse camp even more fun than the practical aspect of the staycation with your horse.

Give Your Horse A New Experience

Staying away in a new location and stable is a unique experience for your horse, without the added atmosphere of a show. These new experiences will lay a positive foundation for the future and give your horse more confidence without the worry.

Try Something New

Horse camps are the perfect way to try something new with your horse; Perhaps you have always fancied jumping your dressage horse or trying side-saddle. The beauty of going to a well-organised camp is that you can dip your toe in and try something new with your horse. You never know you might find a new discipline, you both love!

Horse Camps Aren’t Just For The Confident Rider

If lack of confidence is stopping you, look for camps that specialise in nervous riders. Choosing a horse camp tailored towards giving rider confidence will mean you will have a supporting hand should you get the wobbles and worries.
Out Competing This Summer? You Might Like To Read 9 Things You Need To Do For Competition Success.  We hope that 5 reasons to bring your horse to camp gave you an incentive to try these out!

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