Horses' Winter Coat versus Summer Coat

Horses’ Winter Coat versus Summer Coat

As we approach the autumn months, your horses gorgeous summer coat will gradually start to give way to its winter coat. As temperatures drop, the differences between your horses’ winter coat versus summer coat will begin to show, but does that mean you have to lose that beautiful glossy summer coat sheen too? Here are our tips for keeping your woolly looking wonderful.

Shine On

Feed your horse a balanced diet. Nutrients such as copper, protein, zinc and vitamin A are valuable for overall well-being and coat shine. Feed can have a significant impact on your horse’s coat shine. Adding oil (check that ratios favour omega-6!) to your horses’ feed can help, but you should consider weight issues first and increase the antioxidants in your horses’ diet to compensate for higher fat levels. Aloeride supports your horse’s skin, coat, hooves and digestion without compromise or complication in one easy to feed taste-free sachet. Aloeride delivers exceptional coat shine without fail, it is one of several benefits that Aloeride is gaining a fabulous reputation for. Not just because it looks pretty, but because it protects. Targeting wellness with a powerful natural boost that brings that showring gleam all year around.


Every time you give your horse a good groom, you stimulate blood flow and remove dust, dirt and dead skin, all of which go towards a healthy shine to the coat. Grooming your horse with dirty brushes won’t help you in your quest for a summer coat shine in mid-winter, so wash your grooming brushes regularly. Your horses’ winter coat versus summer coat should shine just the same, albeit a little thicker! And if your horse is fully clipped out, don’t forget that grooming is just as important. Opt for softer body brushes to compensate for finer hair growth and sensitive skin. Hot clothing your horse over the winter helps keep your horse’s coat healthy and clean when baths are not possible.


Rugging up your horse over the winter months can have an impact on coat shine. Dirty rugs aren’t healthy for your horse’s skin, so now is the time to get your winter rugs cleaned (if you haven’t already!) before the winter weather arrives! Nylon lined rugs are said to help coat shine. Over rugging your horse is undesirable. Your horses winter coat V’s summer coat should be kept clean all year around and putting dirty rugs on top is not conducive to good health.

Health Check

If your horse lacks shine before you reach for the show sheen sprays, it is worth checking that his worming plan is up to date, there are no digestive issues and that he is well in him or herself. An underlying health issue can cause a dull coat. You should rule out body discomfort, take note of any changes in the horse’s general demeanour or behaviour, and check for physical and teeth issues in the first instance.

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