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With Halloween looming this month, we thought we’d share some tongue in cheek spooky things that our team have seen or heard when it comes to their horses. Be prepared to be chilled to the bone! The 12 most scariest things a horse owner can see or hear:

1. The livery yard manager ringing you unexpectedly
(we all know this is very rarely ever good news).

2. When you have sat down to work out your horsey monthly outgoings and see THAT final figure.

3. Thundering hooves in the distance while out hacking on your less than ‘bombproof’ horse.

4. Any expression, other than a smile on your vet’s face when examining your horse with a swollen leg.

5. A swollen leg.

6. The ‘Off- The Shoulder’ look on your new hugely expensive turn-out rug after ‘play-time’ in the field.

7. A lost shoe in your 5+ acre field.

8. Your grey horse after being stabled the night before a show.

9. When you’re half-way through clipping and you hear your clippers give-up.

10. The words “I think you have enough horses now.”

11. The new shiny flapping banners hung all around the dressage arena and the look on your horse’s face as he spots and snorts at them walking down the lorry ramp.

12. Not taking advantage of how Aloeride can support healthy digestion, skin, coat and hooves throughout the long winter months ahead. Choose the offer and discount that suits you best.

Ashley Rossiter

Ashley has looked after our PR and marketing since 2011, just when Aloeride for Horses came out of the gate. Ashley is a member of the Chartered Institute Of Public Relations who, in her spare time, enjoys Dressage riding.

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