Winona Hartvikson Para-Dressage High Performance Athlete feeds Aloeride

Winona Hartvikson Para-Dressage High Performance Athlete feeds Aloeride

Winona Hartvikson Para-Dressage High Performance Athlete feeds Aloeride not just to her horses but also take this herself.

AMAZING WJ (Noni) Hartvikson (verified owner) – 6th November 2020 Aloeride Review

“I started my Canadian National team horse (Onyx) on Aloeride for a bad case of skin dermatitis and lack of coat growth. He also had slow growing and poor quality hooves. Not only did his skin get better, he has shed out and grown a healthy, super shiny coat. Also, he now has good quality, normal hoof growth. A great side effect was that he has become more supple. At the age of 17, he’s no youngster either. There is more to the story. I asked about the human dosage. I began taking ½ tsp per day. For many years, I have been suffering from knee pain from arthritis due to a ski racing wreck in my youth. I also have weakness and balance issues due to MS. After three weeks on Aloeride, my knee pain disappeared which resulted in better mobility. It also improved my MS impaired digestive system. Thinking I was imagining things, I got in touch with Mimi. She confirmed that Aloeride works in many ways including that it improves reduces inflammation and improves the digestive system. I am gobsmacked by the results. I have advised my Neurologist and also an MS Researcher. I knew it helped horses but now I know first hand how much it helps people. THANK YOU TO ALOERIDE, this is amazing! It gives me great hope for my ability to ride and continue in sport, my biggest love and passion in life”

We are delighted that another high-ranking rider has become a satisfied customer! Winona Hartvikson was named the Canadian Para-Dressage High Performance Athlete of the Year in 2017 for her dedicated pursuit of qualification for the 2018 FEI World Equestrian Games (WEG) in Mill Spring. Named the same in 2018 for her achievement of that goal and beyond. Winona Hartvikson started off strong at WEG 2018 with a 10th-place finish in the Grade I Individual Championship with Ultimo (Invasor III x Teodoro), the 12-year-old Andalusian gelding that she co-owns with Jane Macdonald. The pair then led Canada to an 8th place finish in the Team Test with an impressive score of 70.000%. Hartvikson has rightly earned her current place in the FEI Para-Dressage World Individual Ranking top 20, as well as in the top 10 ranking for Grade I. Her tremendous knowledge and inner strength have helped her achieve her personal goals, as well as assist the Canadian ParaDressage Team to international success.

Winona Hartvikson diligently planned and researched the journey to achieve her WEG goal. She owns and trains two top competition horses, 11-year-old Andalusian gelding, Ultimo (Invasor III x Teodoro) and her other horse Onyx, a Hanoverian by Wolkentanz I. With her two mounts, Hartvikson has been a top competitor for Canada. She and Ultimo made their international debut at the 2017 Tryon CPEDI 3*. Hartvikson has a noticeable connection with her horses, exemplifying respect, harmony and excellence. Hartvikson draws on tremendous knowledge and inner strength to achieve her personal goals, as well as to assist the Canadian Para-Equestrian Team in international success. Due to her constant professionalism, she is a highly respected role model for the Canadian Para-Equestrian Team. [Source: Equestrian Canada Équestre]

Winona Hartvikson scoring 70.000% riding Ultimo

We are delighted that Winona Hartvikson Para-Dressage High Performance Athlete feeds Aloeride and reaps the benefits from this. The header image of Winona riding Onyx in the 2020 Adequan Global Dressage Festival was taken by Susan J Stickle Photography. The above image of Hartvikson -riding Ultimo- leading Canadian Para-Dressage Team to 8th-place finish at WEG was taken by Cealy Tetley Equestrian Photographer.

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