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Feeding supplements is an investment in your horse’s health and wellbeing. Walk into any feed room, and you will see shelves piled high with supplements. In The Smart Horse Owners Guide To Feeding Supplements, we share our tips for shopping smart when it comes to choosing and feeding your horse supplements.

Choose What Your Horse Needs

It sounds pretty obvious, but choose to feed the supplement you need for your horse, rather than following the latest supplement trend at the yard. Your horse is an individual, so tailor his supplements to fit with his age, ailments and needs. In feeding supplements, simple and old fashioned often triumphs novel. For anyone competing, there are sobering issues like feed or raw material contamination. The FEI Reference Laboratory in France working with France Galop announced that five horses tested positive to Zilpaterol, a substance that is banned in horse racing. This was linked to racehorse cubes, a feed mix and a balancer (novel feed and feeding supplements) and was traced to an international supplier of molasses. Because Aloeride aloe vera is hand-harvested such and other contamination is impossible. As you may know, Zilpaterol is a β2-adrenergic agonist with anabolic properties, which is Prohibited At All Times under the BHA Rules of Racing. It is used in some countries as a production enhancer in cattle because it promotes weight gain. In contrast you have a competition-safe supplement Aloeride that naturally optimises lean-body mass. A safer option in every respect and it complies with FEI/BHA.

Do Your Research

When choosing which supplement is best for your horse, do your research into the product ingredients. Look past the plush marketing and dive deeper into the product label. Bulking agents, artificial preservatives and enhancers can often be found in horse supplements. Even the difference between natural and synthetic ingredients can have an impact on the way the body processes it and the results. For example, when a horse ingests synthetic vitamins, they only get an isolated vitamin. If they are fed natural vitamins from fresh ingredients, they get the full spectrum. Aloeride is a complete natural taste-free aloe vera supplement made from naturally organic, Soil Association certified aloe vera. Packed full of aloe vera goodness it’s easy for your horse to digest for your horse and gives you more aloe vera for your money. Some time ago our MD wrote a revealing article about old-school and novel supplements.

Keep a Diary Record

Keep a record of the supplements, you are feeding, and when you started feeding them to note any difference. Some supplements require a loading period and others, such as hoof supplements can take 4 – 6 months to show improvement.

Don’t Go Overboard

Unless your horse has multiple health issues, take a good look at exactly what you are putting in his feed bucket regularly. Some supplements are going to be more beneficial at certain times of the year than others so plan your purchases. Feeding garlic to your horse might be more appropriate in the summer months thanks to its reputed insect-repelling effect. Feeding garlic during the winter months might be an additional cost you could do without! Horse owners feed Aloeride all year around. Our supplement supports healthy skin bothered by flies, through to digestion, coat and hoof growth and horn condition.

Each Horse Is Different

Every horse (like us humans) is different. What works well for one horse may not have any noticeable effect on another. Keeping a record of your supplement dosage while monitoring health and behavioural changes. Putting together the facts should give you a good indication of whether you want to continue investing in a particular supplement for your equine friend. We hope that our tips on feed and feeding supplements help you.

My Aloeride

Our Team comprises of life-long horse owners with a passion for horse welfare, health and well-being. We take Aloeride ourselves, feed our horses and dogs Aloeride and love to share the virtues of our fantastic, British, organic aloe vera supplement.

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