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Can you eat a horse supplement?

You may well think that “Can you eat a Horse supplement, can a horse eat from yours?” is a very odd question. Over the course of a month this may be one of these questions we get asked. It is all our boss’ fault of course. He insists on making the absolute best in aloe vera and packaging this differently for Horses and for People (who share their Aloeride with their dogs or cats). It forces us to give judicious answers to questions like “you mean this is like me eating cat food”… Actually, it is quite the opposite, it’d be like your cat eating a Cordon Bleu meal. Blumental, Ramsey, Oliver or Stein in a capsule or sachet. You and yours will get the very best possible at the most affordable price, always, whatever this increasingly mad world is doing. This is the kind of Managing Director we have to put up with.

You may know that Aloeride started out as a human aloe vera supplement. Following its success, we launched our equine supplement in 2010 and have been riding a wave of success ever since. Humans take Aloeride daily for a range of health benefits, and horses enjoy our equine supplement with the same goals. Optimally-grown, optimally-processed, optimally dosed aloe vera does what optimally-grown, optimally-processed, optimally dosed aloe vera does… Both human and horse supplements are taste-free, human-grade, Soil Association Certified Organic aloe vera. The difference between Human Aloeride and our Equine Aloeride is the delivery of the supplement and the quantity: Human Aloeride comes in veggie-capsule form, and Equine Aloeride comes in easy to feed sachets. Both variations cater exclusively for appropriate body mass.

Purposeful Dosage

Horse supplements are created for horses, taking into account their physiological state and size (on average of 5.88x the body mass of humans). Attempting to take any supplement which is not licenced for human consumption is dangerous. Always stick to human supplements for your ailments, no matter how good the equine supplements results are in your horse.

Can Dogs Eat Horse Supplements?

Most horse supplement companies are pretty switched on when it comes to acknowledging that there are a lot of us horse owners, who are also dog owners! What’s suitable for our horses, must be good for our dogs, right? Horse supplement formulations are created for horses. Even attempting to feed less of a horse supplement by calculating your dog’s size is dangerous. Also, dogs not only have digestive systems which are different from horses, but they can react to ingredients that would otherwise cause no issues in a horse.

Fortunately our aloe vera supplement is the exception to this rule and is fine to give your dog. Made from pure aloe vera, we have never heard from any adverse reactions to our supplement, but the amount to be fed should always be relevant to the dog’s size. Divide 1 vegetable capsule content over 1 or 2 or 3 pieces of ordinary pâté (no need for pâté de foie gras 😉 make them into balls, store in your fridge what you don’t use, feed to your dog within 3 days. Repeat.

When Should You Feed Horse Supplements?

Some of our customers feed Aloeride as a supporting role to their horses’ general wellbeing. Supporting a healthy digestive system, coat, skin, and hooves are just some of the reasons why our customers feed Aloeride. Horse owners may be advised by a vet to try a supplement for a minor ailment or concern, such as a hoof supplement to improve the horses’ feet and horn growth. Feeding supplements for the sake of feeding them, won’t do your pocket any good and is pointless. Regularly review your horse’s diet and needs to make an informed decision.

Are Horse Supplements A Waste Of Money?

Quality horse supplements, when chosen and fed correctly, are not a waste of money. Supplements can either be fed ongoing, be relevant to the season (e.g. garlic for summer) or fed for short periods, such as during illness or post-surgery when the horse is recuperating. Taking a holistic approach to your horse can encompass horse supplements, alongside proper stable management, training and welfare care. A supplement is not a magic cure alone but can be a vital element as part of a broader outline in caring for your horse. You may like this article Horse Topline Supplements, Do They Work?

What Are The Best Horse Supplements?

Deciding on what are the best horse supplements depend on the ingredients, the combination of ingredients and the areas of focus. Don’t be sucked in by slick marketing and glossy advertising. With our Trust Pilot rating of 92% ‘excellent’, we have verified, happy customers and horses all over the globe. Our equine supplement is the best aloe vera supplement on the market; taste-free, organic and with more aloe vera for your pound! Do your research before parting with your money. Remember, horses, just like humans, can have variable results and outcomes. What works well for one person/horse may not have the same outcome for another.

*Disclaimer: Aloeride recommends that you always seek help and advice when considering any changes to diet. This advice does not substitute qualified veterinary advice.

My Aloeride

Our Team comprises of life-long horse owners with a passion for horse welfare, health and well-being. We take Aloeride ourselves, feed our horses and dogs Aloeride and love to share the virtues of our fantastic, British, organic aloe vera supplement.

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