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Dietrich Klinghardt MD PhD

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Having attended several of Dietrich Klinghardt’s seminars in the UK, we are well familiar with his approach and we offer two product categories he recommends and do this at affordable prices. Like every naturopathy-orientated physician, Dr. Klinghardt recommends optimal nutrition, detoxification and sanitation. Throughout his years of teaching, emphasis and interest shifted towards the mental and spiritual end of his health triangle. Within our website we offer a similar but much less complicated approach as well as five of the products Dr. Klinghardt MD PhD recommends:

ParaRizol Gamma
ParaRizol Zeta
Depyrrol Plus (starting point)
Depyrrol Maintenance
Depyrrol Kind (for young children)

Dr.Med. Dietrich Klinghardt studied Medicine (1969-1975) and Psychology (1975-1979) in Freiburg (Germany) completing his PhD on the involvement of the autonomic nervous system in autoimmune disorders. Several publications followed. Early in his career, he became interested in the sequelae of chronic toxicity (especially Lead, Mercury, environmental pollutants and electromagnetic fields) for the course of illness. While working in India as a junior Physician, he encountered Eastern concepts of disease etiology and blended them with his Western training which laid the foundation for his Integrative Medicine approach.

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