Endurance GB Lion's Tail 2014 sponsored by Aloeride

Endurance GB Lion’s Tail

Last weekend some 120 endurance riders came to the Stapleford Estate at the invitation of the Leicestershire & Rutland EGB Group. With Classes ranging from Social rides to 82km, this was an attractive ride for those wishing to explore the rural, undulating delight that is Leicestershire. Aloeride sponsored both the 82km Performance Formula and the 64km Performance Formula on the Sunday and heartiest congratulations to those who won:
Miss Antonia Hardwick (1st 82K), Miss Alexandra Tennant (2nd 82K) and Mrs Gillian Ruth Hensley (3rd 82K), Miss Victoria Davies (1st 64K), Miss Rachel Judson (2nd 64K), Mrs Larissa Whiley (3rd 64K). The 1st prize was three months worth of Aloeride, 2nd prize two months worth of Aloeride, 3rd prize one month of Aloeride! The header picture shows a very happy Antionia Hardwick receiving her prize.

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  1. Welsh Endurance Team

    This year we are organizing a major raffle to raise funds in preparation for the 2016 team trip to Ireland (12 horses 10 adults and 2 juniors) with tickets being sold from the beginning of March through to The Red Dragon in October (which will also be holding the Home International this year).

    We already have some exciting prizes including a self catering cottage in North Wales, an original framed painting by a well known Welsh artist and an original sculpture by another up and coming Welsh artist.
    We were hoping that you would be able to donate a prize, or a voucher for the raffle. Non horsey ideas gratefully received as are gift or money off vouchers.

    I am approaching every one I can think of who is involved as a business in the sport as I would not wish anyone to feel left out.

    In return we are aiming to list all donations of prizes both on our face book page and at the Welsh rides where the tickets will be sold. If possible prizes and suppliers will also be listed on the Welsh Endurance home pages.

    I look forward to your response.

    Lise Cooke

    Plas Equestrian

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