5 Things Horse Owners Need To Consider This Winter

5 Things Horse Owners Need To Consider This Winter

Looking after your horse can be tricky at any time of the year, but with temperatures plummeting and adverse weather conditions, winter can make life with horses all that much more difficult. With the long winter months ahead, we share our tips, advice and considerations for keeping, managing and riding your horse this season. 5 Things Horse Owners Need To Consider This Winter:

1. Be Prepared For The Unexpected

Sometimes we get an accurate weather warning. Very often, we don’t! So, if a light covering of snow is forecast, then it might be safer to expect a few inches! Expecting the worse will allow you to plan ahead and also have an emergency strategy in place, should the worst happen and you find your yard is cut off from the outside world. Ensuring that you have enough hay, feed and bedding will ensure that you are self-sufficient until the weather clears and life at the barn gets back to normal.

2. Ice Ice Baby

Ice is never a good thing, but when it comes to your horse and ice, it’s even more frightening. Make sure all walkways for humans and horses are cleared of snow and ice to avoid nasty accidents. If a deep freeze is forecast, then filling water containers the night before will ensure that you can top up all their water buckets without having to wait until the pipes have thawed. We recommend filling up the kettle too, so you can enjoy a welcome hot cuppa while skipping out!

3. Adjust Feed Accordingly

If an icy spell is forecast it might be worth reviewing the amount you are feeding and gradually adjusting the amount in the lead up to the cold snap, just to ensure that there are no sudden changes should the worst happen, and your horse is stuck in his stable for a week without turn out or exercise. Having stable toys and trickle balls are useful items to have in your feed room should your horse end up being stable bound until the deep thaw arrives.

4. Rugs Are Ready

Ensuring that your horse has his full wardrobe at the yard this winter is essential. Go through your (extensive!) rug collection and pick out a selection of rugs that will see him through those milder autumn days and nights and then into the depths of winter. You should have waterproofed and repaired your rugs during the summer months, but if you haven’t, there is still time to get this done before the freezing weather takes hold.

5. Supplementing For The Season Ahead

Feeding the right supplements can help your horse through the nutritional challenges that winter brings; sparse grass, dusty hay and poor quality feed can all impact on your horse’s health and well-being. Feeding Aloeride as part of proper stable management and expert feeding supports healthy skin, coat, feet and digestive system. Professional riders worldwide trust Aloeride to deliver optimum nutritional support not only throughout the long winter months but all year around.

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