aloe vera probiotic

aloe vera probiotic

Some people search on aloe vera probiotic and this means that two things got muddled up. None of the species of aloe vera is a probiotic. Simply because none of them contain Lactobacillus or Bifidobacterium bacteria… or Saccharomyces if you want to include yeasts. But there is a relationship between aloe vera and probiotics. That of using good aloe vera when you are trying to grow the number of beneficial gut bacteria! This is known from research published by Dr. Geoffrey Bland PhD. The way it works is that you ‘sow’ good bacteria (via foods or supplement) onto the ‘soil’ that is the gut wall. Good aloe vera -not all are- makes the ‘soil’ (properly named biofilm) more receptive to growing health-beneficial bacteria. Think ‘one cannot grow Rhododendrons in lime soil’ but when you change the soil (as Nancy Lancaster did at Kelmarsh Hall) then you can… The Aloeride aloe vera together with a useful diet sets the tone, optimises the ‘soil’, and then your particular symptoms dictate what kind of probiotic would work best for you. I have used one probiotic brand in my clinic and never found them wanting because this probiotic is tailor-made to symptoms:

Those are the Aloeride aloe vera probiotic choices that I recommend. Since I mentioned biofilm, you may be interested to read what Dr.Med. Dietrich Klinghardt wrote about the function of heavy metals in relationship to the biofilm and thus the health-promoting and health-detracting gut bacteria.

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