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Forever Living Aloe Vera is too expensive

Aloeride aloe vera horse welfare
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Increasingly horse owners with horses on Forever Living Aloe Vera approach us. They tell us that Forever Living Aloe Vera is too expensive and they ask us how Aloeride compares. This tends to be a ‘Hmm, I wish I’d known that before’ moment. Aloeride is a massive step up in quality and in serving size, and a massive step down in cost. From hundreds of Pound Sterling savings for individuals to many thousands of Pounds for big professional yards… and it is much better for the horses.

Forever Living Aloe Vera is too expensive leads to misinformation

Dosage needs to be right

Forever Living aloe vera was tried by veterinary surgeon Peter Green BVSc, CertEO, MRVCS for a small efficacy study during which he used Forever Living Products’ recommended dosage of 240ml/day. This is the dosage at which Forever Living Products hoped to see results. Compare 240ml to what Forever Living Products recommends for human adults: “Shake well. Take 60-120ml daily”. Thus Peter Green was advised to use 4x the lowest human dosage (kindly note that there is a 5.88x difference between the average human weight and that of a horse). Yet almost every horse owner with horses on Forever Living aloe vera who contacted us was advised by independent FLP distributors to feed 40ml/day. It is common sense that adults won’t feel satisfied on a child’s food portion and that adults won’t respond adequately to say a child aspirin dosage. Advising horse owners to feed 40ml/day is one sixth of what Forever Living Products recommended to a vet for a trial with a view to publication. It is reasonable to assume that FLP knows their dosages (i.e. a £21.62 tankard every four days) and that, by inference, the 40ml/day advice serves a purpose other than your horse.

Is gel better or not

Horse owners with horses on Forever Living aloe vera are told by independent distributors that aloe vera gel is ‘more natural’ and ‘therefore contains more nutrients’, or worse still, that aloe vera gel ‘contains its original medium’. Reject bunkum and engage common sense. Because, had this been correct, then giving your horse water ad libitum would yield miracles… H2O is great but not that great. The magic of aloe vera resides in its working solids and precisely those molecules is what Aloeride is. Part of our production is a process co-designed by Dr. Ivan Danhof MD PhD who is universally acknowledged as one of the greatest authorities on aloe vera. We follow the leader. So no, aloe vera gel is not better and, to see this for yourself… the proof of the pudding is in the eating: click here to enjoy these independent laboratory tests. Beyond those methanol-precipitated solids measurements, polysaccharide spectrum analysis is useful but studious and again in those tests Aloeride excels.

A useful reminder in this respect is Lycopene, the predominant carotenoid in tomatoes with the highest free radical quenching ability of all dietary carotenoids. Lycopene is more bioavailable from tomato paste than from fresh tomatoes (Am J Clin Nutr, 1997:66:116-22). So you see, ‘more natural’ isn’t always what gets you the best results. Tomato paste packs more Lycopene, Aloeride packs more Aloe Vera. With Aloeride your horse gets 12 litres of higher-nutrient-density Certified Organic Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller in 30 sachet servings in every carton.

Your horse your knowledge

Your horses are worth you knowing what’s behind a label, so, for an objective view on proven premium quality, unadulterated product samples of Aloeride, Aloequine, Barrier Animal Healthcare Pure Aloe Vera Juice, Forever Living Stabilised Aloe Vera Gel and Hilton Herbs Aloe Vera were presented for independent measurement by an accredited laboratory equipped for industry standard evaluation of aloe vera:

Aloeride Product 2a Product 3b Product 4f Product 5h
12 litres optimised to 30 palatable powder sachets per carton 12 litres = 3.17 x (3.785 litres @ £35.00) 12 litres = 2.4 x (5 litres @ £37.76) 12 litres = 12 x (1 litre @ £21.62) 12 litres = 2.4 x (5 litres @ £63.00)
£55.20 (£41.40 if you buy 12 cartons) £110.95 £90.63 £259.44 £151.20
Nutritional Density: 5.31 x fewer nutrients 23.4 x fewer nutrients 3.23 x fewer nutrients 2.39 x fewer nutrients
4,680 mg/L 880 mg/L 200 mg/L 1,450 mg/L 1,960 mg/L
£4.60 (£3.45 in you buy 12 cartons) per litre £9.25 per litre £7.55 per litre £21.62 per litre £12.60 per litre

Given that Forever Living advised Peter Green BVSc, CertEO, MRVCS to use 240ml/day, the FLP company would (should) advise you to use 7,200ml in 30 days which is 7.2 one-litre-tankards costing £21.62 a piece (i.e. tots up to £155.66 for 30 days). Compare this to 30 days Aloeride (12 litres) at £55.20 or at £41.40 if you buy in twelve cartons. A massive step down in cost. Of course Forever Living may offer multi-tankard discounts but, with respect, their organisation can never match our price or quality. When Forever Living Aloe Vera is too expensive (any of the above aloe veras for that matter) Aloeride offers a solution that, by fair comparison, gives your horse significantly more nutrients and a better dosage. And you save yourself a significant amount of money.

Do you get what you pay for

From the above measurements you see that other products -with a lower polysaccharide quantity of 880mg/L, 200mg/L, 1450mg/L and 1960mg/L respectively- charge more than Aloeride that gives your horse 4680mg/L. So for once you’d get the most nutrients by saving yourself expense. In addition to this, Forever Living gel is derived only from the inner leaf gel. That wastes the nutrients in the aloe vera rind which is the photosynthesis part of the plant that drives everything developing inside the gel. The process co-designed by Dr. Ivan Danhof MD PhD does not waste those nutrients. Being green and leafy, these aren’t aloe vera unique (like the polysaccharides are) but why waste them? It makes processing more complicated but your horse is worth it. Very important to note is that Aloeride is latex-free, the laxative anthraquinones (yellow sap) have been effectively removed. Many aloe vera gels including that of Forever Living are not latex free.

Take action

Aloeride aloe vera for Horses leafletFLP’s 240ml/day did a little for hoof growth and this is where a minimum dosage may come into it. Farriers rave about Aloeride and, not just for hoof reasons, so do Throroughbred Racehorse owners, so do Connemara owners away from Ireland’s limestone soil. Hooves respond favourably to Aloeride’s quantity of quality. None of the people we have talked to had seen a significant change in condition whilst their horses were on FLP gel. Yet this is a consistent feedback from owners with horses on Aloeride, an increase in lean body mass (muscles) especially noticeable coming out of winter stabling with excellent condition, ready for the season ahead. Having read all the above, try out two sample sachets, buy the carton discount you like best, or contact us if you have a big yard that you want to put on the Aloeride. We are keen and able to help you.

We authorise independent laboratories in the United States of America, Great Britain and Germany to carry out industry-standard laboratory tests on finished aloe vera products. We believe that the above is a matter of public interest and constitutes fair comment without malice. We believe that empowering people to make an informed choice is good. All measurements within our website are factual and are quoted verbatim from the reports we receive from accredited, independent laboratories and we retain such supporting evidence to justify that the statistics are representative of the characteristics of the products relevant for a proper comparison.

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