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A survey of 300 GPs in the UK found that a fifth of all doctor’s appointments are down to tiredness and fatigue (known as TATT: Tired All The Time). Most patients presenting with TATT -in the absence of serious issues- are dehydrated. The problem is that people believe they are dehydrated only when they’re thirsty, but actually they are in need of water long before that moment. Symptoms prior to thirst include fatigue and tiredness, poorer concentration, headaches, a drier mouth and drier eyes.
Aloeride helps you tick all the right hydration boxes…

  • The very obvious giveaway is you passing smaller amounts of urine infrequently (i.e. you visit the porcelein less than three or four times a day) and that your urine is darker than transparent straw-yellow. Colour is your best gauge.
  • You cannot stock up on water, you need to drink water steadily throughout the day. You probably know that PVC in ‘cheaper’ plastic bottles leaks oestrogen mimickers into the water, so drink from a tap (Brita water filter) or use glass bottles or stainless steel bottles. Unless you don’t mind moving a row forward in the choir.
  • Sedentry people must offset their perspiratio insensibilis (unnoticed physiological perspiration) which is 1.5 litres a day. Ideally ingested as pure water but it also can be tea. Coffee nor anything else counts towards this 1.5 litres, H2O only. People who are physically active may need to drink twice as much.

Studies have shown that in adults, dehydration causes the brain to shrink in volume, so brains have to work harder to carry out the same task. Lots of money is being spent on innocent drinks, fizzy drinks, sugar drinks and so on, yet people are drinking less water. It is water their bodies need and of course lots of useful nutrients. Water helps these nutrients move from A to B, and water is crucial for you to get rid of water-soluble toxins. One of the forces that encourage water to stay inside your body are the inorganic minerals, so, beyond putting enough water in in the first place, a second hydration requirement is to improve mineralisation, which is where Aloeride and other nutrients help a lot. Funnily enough, the effect of Aloeride on hydration shows clearest in racehorses and Endurance horses (long distance riding), not least because few people run that fast or 160 kilometres in two days… Aloeride Extra Strong has a decent number of customers among marathon runners.

At the other end of the scale are people who drink too much, this often happens to those who drink water disproportionally to the amount of sport they do. Exercise-associated hyponatraemia (EAH) is sometimes called water intoxication which markedly lowers blood sodium concentration and this can cause the brain to swell, causing confusion, loss of consciousness and seizures. More often than not, EAH happens in amateurs who don’t appreciate the need for appropriate-to-their-sport nutrition and no, this definitely is not the protein drinks but is that what’s advocated in More Nutrients.

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  1. I have seen the effect of dehydration and low electrolytes in my running club, it is linked mostly to sodium levels. I use aloeride during training and racing, very good! I do not need electrolyte drinks and it keeps my digestion at ease also. Excellent organic product. All the best, Azar

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