5 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Longer Daylight Hours

5 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Longer Daylight Hours

As the clocks spring forward, equestrians jump with joy at the prospect of longer daylight hours and better weather returning. In this blog, we share 5 ways to make the most out of longer daylight hours… Blissful natural light!

Fencing & Field Maintenance

Now is the time to check your fencing is secure and have a good look around your fields for any damage you might not have spotted over the winter months. Whilst it’s essential to check your fields and fencing regularly regardless of the season, spring gives you the luxury of being able to view and repair in daylight hours.

Review Your Schooling Plans

Your winter schooling https://www.aloeride.com/fantastic-elastic-equine-flexibility/ schedule may have been restricted to riding and lunging in the school on weekdays and hacking on the weekend. With the longer, lighter evenings, an early evening hack might be possible now. Don’t forget to wear your high visibility clothing and don’t get caught out riding back at dusk (at this time of year, darkness can still fall unexpectedly earlier, if the weather is unkind.)

Give Your Horse A Spa Day

Give your horse a pamper day, if the milder weather allows. Giving your horse a bath or even tail and leg wash will leave him feeling refreshed. After months of wearing rugs, tie him up outside with a haynet and let him enjoy those early sun rays of warmth. Even giving him a good groom outside his stable will allow you to provide him with a thorough check over in daylight.

Go For An Adventure

Spring is the perfect time to venture out and explore the countryside as nature comes to life again. Seeing a forest in bluebell bloom or those early rhododendrons and azaleas flowering spring hacking out is always something to look forward. Plan a longer ride out or if possible, box up to somewhere new to explore.

Longer Turnout Hours

Longer turnout hours mean less mucking out and more downtime for your horse. However, with spring grass comes the risk of grass colic https://www.aloeride.com/horses/the-problem-of-spring-grass-colic/, so take care to monitor your pasture and slowly build up grazing time. Aloeride is particularly good for supporting a healthy gut and digestion and reading our top tips for the problem of spring grass colic https://www.aloeride.com/top-tips-problem-spring-grass-colic/ will help give some practical tips.

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