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Soil Association Certified Organic Aloeride aloe vera
Welcome to Aloeride aloe vera and welcome to a British family business that makes the best aloe vera for horses and the best aloe vera for people affordable (in vegetarian capsules for people and in sachets for horses). With Aloeride you bypass the unpleasant taste of aloe vera gel (aloe vera juice) and Aloeride packs a much bigger punch than aloe vera juice does: independent laboratories measured that Aloeride has up to 23.4 times greater nutritional density than other aloe vera products. By design ours is an exemplary aloe vera remedy, yet it costs up to 4.7 times less than other aloe vera. That is, even before you choose your discount and furthermore us paying for worldwide postage when you buy the six pack or six carton offer. Being Soil Association Certified Organic, Aloeride aloe vera is ideal for vegetarian, vegan, kosher כשר and halal حلال ways of living. Aloeride’s quality is no coincidence because our processing method is co-designed by the late world-authority on aloe vera, Consultant Gastroenterologist Dr. Danhof. He deemed this the best way to do it, and who is qualified to disagree? A British pharmaceutical clinical trial company ensures top quality control for a 100% natural, pure product. The best of both worlds.