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The Magic Of Aloe Vera Is Not In Its Water

Let me explain why the magic of aloe vera is not in its water. When anybody tells you that aloe vera gel or aloe vera

Striking change in 1 month

LEFT: Before Aloeride and the day after his first ODE looking too light to Chloë's liking! RIGHT: After a month on Aloeride (on less hard

aloe vera probiotic

Some people search on aloe vera probiotic, meaning that two things got muddled up. Aloe is not a probiotic but there is a relationship!

What Does My Horse Need This Summer

What does my horse need this summer seems such an easy question. Some tips that you may not know about and will help your horse.

How To Tell If Your Horse Is Happy

How to tell if your horse is happy: six signs indicating your horses are happy.

Hacking Tips For The Competition Horse

Hacking Tips For The Competition Horse, read useful tips by professional event rider and trainer Anthony Clark.

Advanced Riding Tips For Riders

Are you looking to take your riding to the next level? Advanced Riding Tips For Riders! Useful advice from three day eventer riders Eliza Stoddart,

7 Winter Horse Care Hacks & Tips

Seven winter horse care hacks and tips to help you through the worst of winter!

Do You Keep Your Horses Warm During Winter

Do You Keep Your Horses Warm During Winter? Rugging may not be best, too much grooming may hinder, what feed... 5 tips to get it

Girthiness in showjumping horses

Girthiness in showjumping horses, read how and why it affects your showjumping and what you can do to help.

Five Training Tips For Horse Riders

So many riders so many tips, but, in Five Training Tips For Horse Riders we have narrowed good horse training down to 5 tips that

10 Horse Health Questions Answered

10 Horse Health Questions Answered: we head into the long autumn/winter months, help keep your equine friend full of health and vitality.

Royal Mail Strikes Again

Royal Mail Strikes Again... here you will find information that Royal Mail sent us about the strikes of their union members.

8 Ways To Keep Your Horse Healthy

Whether you own a competition horse or a veteran horse, here are 8 Ways To Keep Your Horse Healthy...

The Most Important Things To Consider When Buying A Horse

Buying a horse is, for many equestrians, a considerable leap from simply enjoying horses to becoming a fully committed…

Summer Nutrition; what does your horse really need?

It's easy to think that perhaps all your horse needs is hay at night when he comes in and a handful of chaff to replace

Summer Health Tips For Horses

We share our summer health tips for horses. Whether it's how to cope with hard ground, rising temperatures or fly irritations, we share our expert

Luffeel for the temporary relief of hayfever symptoms

In my clinic I used to prescribe Luffeel for the temporary relief of hayfever symptoms, both the nasal spray and the tablets. A viable alternative

Spring Into Spring: Tips To Enjoy Spring With Your Horse

Spring Into Spring: Tips To Enjoy Spring With Your Horse + introductory aloe vera offer for your horse: BIG SPRING SAVING!

Competition Checklist

We've put together an essential competition checklist that you won't want to leave the yard without checking!

PostNL heeft grote vertraging van order afleveringen

PostNL heeft grote vertraging van order afleveringen. Laat U zich niet foppen door hun antwoord dat Uw pakketje bij de Douane ligt...

Masterclass In Shoulder-In With Sarah Rogers

Masterclass In Shoulder-In With Sarah Rogers, a fantastic exercise to incorporate into your everyday schooling. It supples, straightens and is a super exercise for collecting

Boxing Clever

Boxing Clever... here are our 7 tips for a happy horse on box rest. Here you'll see our introductory offer for aloe vera for horses

7 Benefits of Aloeride aloe vera for horses

Click the infographic image below to read full screen what the 7 benefits of Aloeride aloe vera for horses are. At the bottom of this

Horse Owner Planning Ahead For Christmas Day

Are you a horse owner planning ahead for Christmas Day? Of course you are, so enjoy Ashley's tips plus an introductry offer for the best

Tips On How To Look After Your Horse On Bonfire Night

As we approach Bonfire Night, it can be an anxious time for your horse. In this blog, we share…

5 Autumn Hazards For Your Horse

Horse owners must be mindful of 5 Autumn Hazards For Your Horse. Aloeride gives you tips and a discount for mudfever because Aloeride grows hooves

What Horse Wormer For Autumn

What Horse Wormer For Autumn, what horse wormer for winter. Consider Aloeride to feed your horse's gut naturally inhospitable to parasites.

Horses’ Winter Coat versus Summer Coat

Horses' Winter Coat versus Summer Coat be amazed with Aloeride. Exceptional coat shine not just because it looks pretty, but because it protects.

5 Reasons To Bring Your Horse To Camp

Adult horse camps are soaring in popularity, if you have never taken your horse on one, here are 5 reasons to bring your horse

4 Questions Horse Owners Are Asking Google Right Now

4 questions Horse Owners are asking Google right now... hay in summer, how to feed in summer, how to encourage a summer coat

Are you new to Aloeride aloe vera

Are you new to Aloeride aloe vera and its uses for and many benefits to people or horses? Let us make a decision to try

11 Common Feeding Mistakes

We look at a few of the most common feeding mistakes that horse and pony owners can make. Links to articles that are super explanatory!

The Lady celebrates the Best of British

The Lady a magazine of choice for elegant women with elegant minds. Since 1885 it has been a source of useful information, this exclusive Aloeride

Sweet Itch In Horses? 10 Tips To Save The Scratch

Sweet Itch In Horses? Aloeride has been a Godsend to many horses and their owners.10 Tips + 1 Introductory Offer.

5 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Longer Daylight Hours

As the clocks spring forward, equestrians jump with joy at the prospect of making the most out of longer daylight hours...

Why Aloeride Is The Best Valentine’s Gift You Can Buy Your Horse

We share 7 reasons why Aloeride is the best Valentine's gift you can buy your horse. With £18.40 discount on every carton, you probably want

Diverticular disease and diverticulitis

Frequently asked questions about diverticular disease and diverticulitis are thoroughly answered with brilliant tips and a half-price offer.

13 Ways To Be More Productive This Winter

We share 13 ways to be more productive this winter to get through the never ending long winter months and emerge in the spring ready

Brexit implications for Aloeride aloe vera

To the best of our knowledge these are the Brexit implications for Aloeride aloe vera www.aloeride.com orders.

Black Friday Aloe Vera Sale at Aloeride

Black Friday Aloe Vera Sale at Aloeride is your Thanksgiving weekend chance to buy the proven best aloe vera at 30% discount. For Horses =

Winona Hartvikson Para-Dressage High Performance Athlete feeds Aloeride

Onyx started on ALOERIDE for a bad case of skin dermatitis and lack of coat growth. He also had slow growing and poor quality hooves.

10 Positive Ways Equestrians Can Spend Lockdown

If time spent with your horse is limited under your yard's lockdown rules, we've got some great ideas so you can return as a more

Riding Sharp Horses, advice from a top dressage rider

Riding Sharp Horses, advice from a top dressage rider. Sarah Rogers' tips for managing and riding sensitive horses through the winter months.

The Smart Horse Owners Guide To Feeding Supplements

For anyone competing, there are sobering issues like a feed or raw material contamination. A recent example is what the FEI Reference Laboratory in France

Can you eat a horse supplement, can a horse eat from yours?

Actually it is quite the opposite, like your horse eating a Cordon Bleu from Blumental, Ramsey, Oliver or Stein in a capsule or sachet.

Olympic Three-Day Eventer Samantha Albert loves Aloeride

Olympic Three-Day Eventer Samantha Albert loves Aloeride and feeds it to her horses and recommends her students to do the same. You may want to

6 Reasons To Look Forward To Autumn

As we look ahead to a change of season, 6 Reasons To Look Forward To Autumn with Aloeride + September's £13.80 discount per carton, a

Three Compelling Reasons Why Aloeride Is The Best Aloe Vera Supplement

With thousands of happy horse owners and horses feeding Aloeride worldwide, we explain what puts Aloeride ahead of other aloe…

7 Signs Your Horse Could Be Suffering From Ulcers

How can you tell if your horse has ulcers? These are 7 signs that your horse could be suffering from ulcers and 1 useful test

Horse Topline Supplements, Do They Work

Horse owners talk about their horses' condition, and that often includes talking about the horses' topline. Feeding a supplement to improve your horses' topline is

Horse Feed Supplements And Does Your Horse Need Them During Lockdown

With a lot of horse owners making the decision to step away from the saddle or forced to reduce their equine exercise plans during the

3 Health Boosting Smoothie Recipes Containing Aloe Vera You’ll Want To Try!

In our latest blog, we share our favourite delicious smoothies featuring our pure organic aloe vera for a tasty, immune-boosting super smoothie you can enjoy

5 Super Foods To Boost Your Immune System

Our MD, Han van de Braak BSc LicAc MCSP MBAcC (Retd.), is a passionate believer in the well-known phrase 'you are what you eat'. After

What Does Lock-Down Mean For Your Horse’s Health & Well-being

Following Government advice for everyone to stay at home for at least three weeks to slow down the spread of the coronavirus, many horse owners

10 Positive Steps You Can Take Today With The Coronavirus Crisis

Staying positive is just one of the challenges we face surrounding this dreadful virus. The uncertainty, the dramatic change to our everyday lives can feel

Protecting Horse Hoof Health In Wet Weather

If you feel like summer will never arrive, and yard life is an endless cycle of battling the rain and mud, then spare a thought

How do I protect myself against coronavirus near me

Wondering "how do I protect myself against coronavirus near me"? Here are good tips, so your body will fight off a coronavirus infection should this

Fantastic Elastic equine flexibility

In Fantastic Elastic equine flexibility International Dressage rider Sarah Rogers gives you valuable insight.

The benefits of aloe vera capsules

The benefits of aloe vera capsules, affordable Aloeride's processing was co-designed by world-renown aloe vera expert Consultant Gastroenterologist Dr. Ivan E. Danhof MD PhD

What Happens When Your Horse Eats | Equine Digestion

Your horse can only chew on one side of his mouth at anyone one time. Horses chew from outside to inside, rather than up and

6 Horsey Things To Do This December

When the weather is cold and miserable, how do you get your horsey fix without getting soaked to the skin? We've put together six great

Our Christmas Offers give you healthy discounts on healthy supplements

Until the 31st December 2019 you are able to secure discounts on the below remedies. Simply click any of the product links below to add

5 Things Horse Owners Need To Consider This Winter

Looking after your horse can be tricky at any time of the year, but with temperatures plummeting and adverse weather conditions, winter can make life

The 12 Most Scariest Things A Horse Owner Can See Or Hear

The 12 most scariest things a horse owner can see or hear: tongue in cheek spooky things that our team have seen or heard...

6 Reasons To Look Forward To Autumn

As we look ahead to a change of season, we share our top 6 reasons to love autumn and enjoy the season ahead with your

How to restore your bowel flora because gut microbiome is crucial for your health

When I am asked how to restore your bowel flora because gut microbiome is crucial for your health, I think that there are two routes

Alberta Rose en route to a win at Little Downham

Its been a busy few months with plenty of up's and down's and started at the back end of April when we headed off to

How To Get Great Dressage Scores Without Owning A ‘Valegro’

Channel your inner 'Charlotte Dujardin' with our top 6 tips for dressage competition success. How to get great…

7 Epic Competition Fails You Won’t Want To Admit To

Some 7 epic competition fails you won't want to admit to... For competition success this season, avoid them if you can!

Mud Fever, Mud Rash and Rain Scald

Great news for Mud Fever, Mud Rash and Rain Scald: boost your horse protective factors of the skin with Aloeride aloe vera 1 sachet a

How To Completely Transform Your Horse Into A Showing Superstar

Whether you are aiming at success at your local show or have your eyes set on a future competing at HOYS https://hoys.co.uk getting the basics

9 Things You Need To Do For Competition Success

Here are 9 Things You Need To Do For Competition Success, top tips for a successful competition season ahead with Aloeride aloe vera.

How to stop your smoothies being bitsy

One of our Irish friends cannot stand bitsy things in her mouth, she doesn't like the smoothies. As an…

How to reduce the risk of equine influenza

How to reduce the risk of equine influenza, what you can do beyond vaccination schedules. We did it for racing yards, here is how...

5 Reasons To Love Your Horse More Than Your Partner

If your idea of 'tall, dark and handsome' comes in equine form, then our latest blog just in time for Valentine's Day is just what

Is aloe vera safe for horses

Is aloe vera safe for horses? Is aloe vera always safe for horses? When is aloe vera not safe for horses? Find out here!

10 TIPS for surviving winter with your horse

1. Win the lottery and put your horse on full livery. Let someone else deal with the misery of winter with horses, while you jet

How To Prevent Dehydration In Your Horse This Winter

Many horse owners believe that hydration is more important during the hotter months, but as we approach the colder winter months, we discuss why ensuring

Victoria Bax and Alberta’s Pride off to Wellington Horse Trials

Well, it was lovely to be back out on my youngest Alberta’s Pride a few weeks ago. Back in June, he threw a splint, so

How to get your horse and yard winter proofed

With winter on the horizon, ensuring that you, your horse and stable are ready for whatever winter will bring. From severe weather to frozen locks

Victoria Bax Eventing August Adventures

Here goes if you too are interested in Victoria Bax Eventing August Adventures: Earlier this year while coaching at a Riding Club camp, I was

How To Reduce Your Carbon Hoofprint in 7 Easy Steps

Reducing your carbon hoofprint isn't as difficult as you think horse owners! Follow a few of our tips and you will be galloping to save

Growing A Strong Thoroughbred Racehorse Foot

We suggest that you abandon the myth that growing a strong Thoroughbred Racehorse foot is difficult. Pretty much without exception all Thoroughbred Racehorses on the

Are smart simple aloe vera pellets a clever idea

Laurel is a Contact of ours in America who asked "are smart simple aloe vera pellets a clever idea?" She said that she was looking

Why I still love this supplement

Hello, my name is Tamsin Drew. I am a Three Day Eventer who has supplemented my horse with Aloeride aloe vera over the last three

The Eventing Season Has Finally Begun!

The Eventing season has finally begun! Towards the end of April, 7yr old Alberta’s Pride aka Frankie headed off to Munstead today. I am a

Your Guide To Summer Health Problems In Horses

Summer might bring welcome warmer temperatures and sunshine, but it can also signal health problems for your horse. Here is your guide to summer health

Travelling Your Horse In Safety – 7 Top Tips

On the move in your horse lorry or trailer this summer? Here are our Travelling Your Horse In Safety - 7 Top Tips for travelling

When a racehorse jockey breaks his back

During a chat at a Gloucestershire racing yard that uses Aloeride, banter moved from the benefits of Aloeride and the training of Thoroughbreds to a

Give Your Horse A Tune

Beyond my blogpost Horse Calmers Explained, here is a something that you may not have thought of... give your horse…

Victoria Bax Eventing Racehorse Retraining 6 years experience with Aloeride aloe vera

Off Track Thoroughbred owner Victoria Bax has six years experience with Aloeride aloe vera for Horses. Find out more in this interview!

Top Tips for the Problem of Spring Grass Colic

Why don’t wild horses get spring grass colic? Why does the problem of spring grass colic affect domesticated horses? The crux of every article on

Digestion like a dog’s dinner

Digestion like a dog's dinner: this chocolate labrador retriever had an ear infection and stinky poo. Find out what was the matter and how to

For Victoria Bax Eventing it’s Sunshine and Smiles

For Victoria Bax Eventing it’s sunshine and smiles. June kicked off rather well. Crystal Ka and I headed off to Little Downham for the Open


The month of November might feature fireworks and explosives but that doesn’t mean, as the winter rolls in, that we want to find them under

Victoria Bax Eventing blog October 2017

Victoria Bax Eventing blog October 2017 talks RIDING CLUB FUN AND SOME DIY EQUESTRIAN STYLE! October was supposed to be filled with final events to

Try reverse to make your horse go forward…

Why has a massive increase in choice of horsefeed not resulted in fewer vet bills, fewer gastric ulcerations/year, fewer colics/year, in fewer cases of laminitis/year...

Loraine Homer feeds Aloeride

Loraine Homer feeds Aloeride to all her horses because it works. It works for her show horses but also…

Personal Growth One Step At A Time

The one Constant in life is Change. Sometimes you change by choice. Sometimes you change by necessity. Down to earth help for self-development in do-able

10 Things To Remember When Feeding Your Competition Horse

Feeding your horse the right amount and the right type of fuel can make the difference between a lack lustre performance in the arena or

How Sally Toye did in the Mongol Derby

If you are an Endurance Rider and you have been following her preparation for the 2017 Mongol Derby, then you may well want to know


Yes, all us horse owners can feel a bit ‘humbug’ at this time of year, but with a bit of pre Christmas day planning and

Victoria Bax Eventing blog December 2017

What’s up in the Victoria Bax Eventing blog December 2017 well, November was another month of huge ups and downs. It started very well with

Exercise changes bowel flora, take Aloeride with water

Did you know that exercise changes bowel flora? Different bowel diseases have different shortfalls in bowel flora. Use Aloeride and Probion.

Forever Living Aloe Vera is too expensive

Horse owners with horses on Forever Living Aloe Vera tell us that Forever Living Aloe Vera is too expensive. They're over the moon when they


We all know that baked hard ground is the result of great summer weather, but when it comes to looking after your horse’s legs, you

Mongol Derby Blog by Sally Toye

This Mongol Derby Blog by Sally Toye shares the story and preparations of well-known British Endurance rider Sally Toye. Aloeride is very proud to have


Keeping your horse hydrated and cool as temperatures rise over the summer months can prove to be a challenge; especially as busy competition schedules can

Can hoof colour be changed by Aloeride

We received an interesting query, can hoof colour be changed by Aloeride and can it change the sole colour ? Aloeride aloe vera for Horses is


Travelling your horse can take a lot out of your horse so being prepared for life on the road is key. We asked top professional

Dressage Divas!

We asked top international dressage rider and Aloeride sponsored rider Leah Beckett for her top 6 top tips for…

Victoria Bax on injury recovery

Finally it seems things are starting to look up for me as a lot has changed for the better since last month, thank goodness as

Hello and goodbye to Sweet Itch

Spring signals the start of sweet itch for many horses and the battle therefore begins for their owners to…

Victoria Bax Eventing January Blog

Here is Victoria Bax Eventing Racehorse Retraining October blog post. Those of you who own ex-racehorses may well know of her retraining of racehorses clinics


Perhaps one of a horse owner’s biggest concerns is avoiding colic. So, here are our 8 top colic concerns tips for yummy tummies!

Happy New Year & A Busy Christmas For Victoria!

Our fabulous brand ambassador eventer Victoria Bax brings us up to speed on her Christmas break... Firstly 'Happy New Year' to you all! I can't

When aloe vera is only present on the label

When aloe vera is only present on the label, Bloomberg initiated class action against aloe retailers. Find out the difference here!

Horses and Mud!

You may have heard that Dead Sea Mud applications help symptoms of skin disorders and that’s because they add minerals to the skin. Persistent wet

Videos of St. Patrick’s Coast Ride and Home International 2016

It was our great pleasure to shoot these videos of the St. Patrick's Coast Ride hosting Home International 2016…

Victoria Bax Eventing Racehorse Retraining

Here is Victoria Bax Eventing Racehorse Retraining October blog post. Those of you who own ex-racehorses may well know of her retraining of racehorses clinics

What Stops You From Relaxing Properly

What stops you from relaxing properly? Many people don't relax properly because they feel boxed in (consciously or subconsciously). Boxed in between the 'because ofs'

Video of The Red Dragon and Home International 2015

It was our great pleasure to shoot this video of The Red Dragon and Home International 2015 and we hope you'll like and share it.

A Mala Helps Your Brain Build Neuronal Pathways

A mala helps your brain build neuronal pathways, simply encourage repetition to make mind mapping much more effective. Easy explanation.

A Dastardly Clever Beetroot Smoothie

Few people realise that underlying many diseases is chronic inflammation. Take your pick, diabetes II, arthritis, arterial plaque (atherosclerosis) with subsequent risk of heart attack,

Endurance riding in very wet weather

Endurance riding in very wet weather is something nobody looks forward to but stuff happens... all looked reasonable when Sally took Mia off to Wales

Leah Beckett Dressage photoshoot video

We go behind the scenes on the latest photoshoot (video below) with top dressage rider and Aloeride ambassador Leah Beckett. Shot on location in Surrey,

CAM is not just for practitioners

We think you may like this very informative magazine that is edited by an old friend of Han van de Braak. Simon Martin has been

Rule The World Won The Grand National 2016

Rule The World won The Grand National 2016 and we bask in reflected glory! Many congratulations to Michael O'Leary, David Mullins and Mouse Morris. Rule

Dressage Anywhere sponsored by Aloeride

Aloeride was very excited to sponsor the Dressage Anywhere Jim Boyle’s ex-racehorses dressage class in March. We love the Retraining of Racehorses in which veterinary

What Do Smoothies Do

What do smoothies do for you? Well, one single smoothie is not going…

Use Aloeride in context

We believe that you should use Aloeride in context. This is not a cop out, far from it, we simply advocate what is sensible. You

Too much medicine is killing us

It is increasingly clear that prescribing more medicine is actually counterproductive. You must watch this video of a former marketing vice president of pharmaceutical giant

Breathing more air delivers less oxygen

Breathing more air delivers less oxygen sounds controversial and yet, it is the essence of an astonishingly helpful breathing technique developed by the late physician

Proton Pump Inhibitors

Are you taking a Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI) to lower the…

Tamsin Drew latest & video

I had always used a supplement to support Ziggy’s digestion especially as he can get excited and nervous which results in loose droppings and an

The cure is in the kitchen

This phrase is right on the button, it was coined by Dr. Sherry Rogers MD who is a registered physician who is totally clued up

Keysoe CSI2* Showjumping

Many serious showjumping competitors use Aloeride to improve the look and performance of their show jumper. Here's why they feed a sachet a day: a

Moreton in Marsh Show sponsored by Aloeride

Aloeride is pleased to again sponsor the Moreton in Marsh Horse of the Year Show - Show Hunter Pony Classes plus the Championship at the

Breastfeeding immunity

What triggered this post is the announcement that all babies in the UK…

Comfortable Movement and Suppleness

News about Comfortable Movement and Suppleness explains how your horse during competition can be helped by different feeding. Find out!

See our product up close

You want to see our product up close, what it is that you're about to buy, like holding it in your hand in a shop.

Jan de Vries likes Aloeride

One of the best-known naturopaths in the UK is Jan de Vries. He loves what Aloeride Extra Strong does for people and dispenses it from

Does Aloeride dissolve in water

Aloeride aloe vera is a latex-free, whole leaf Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller food (and also feed) supplement. This means that we carefully process both the

Dietrich Klinghardt MD PhD

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt MD PhD recommends three product categories that we supply at affordable prices: Para Rizol for parasites, Humicin for heavy metal detox, Aloeride


Happiness is something we all want and having enough energy to enjoy life, together with you being OK with you, are keys to unlock it.


A survey of 300 GPs in the UK found that a fifth of all doctor’s appointments are down to tiredness and fatigue (known as TATT:

Lactose Intolerance

Did you know that many people who are told that they’re lactose intolerant are not truly intolerant? So, what is it one can do to

Red Dragon and Home International 2015

 At Aloeride we are extremely pleased to sponsor the Red Dragon Festival of Endurance again which this year also hosts the Home International 2015

Win An Aloeride Cotton Polo Shirt

Here is your opportunity to win an Aloeride cotton polo shirt. Beautifully embroidered and very comfortable, our 100% pure cotton polo shirt (pictured above) in

More Aloeride going to HOYS

Loraine Homer and Katie Jerram both shall compete at HOYS as they do every year -and yes they both feed their horses Aloeride- but this

Endurance GB Lion’s Tail

Last weekend some 120 endurance riders came to the Stapleford Estate at the invitation of the Leicestershire & Rutland EGB Group. With Classes ranging from

My thriving 32 year old veteran on Aloeride

My thriving 32 year old veteran on Aloerde was unsolicited, very welcome feedback from Kim Davies in West Sussex:…

Dressage victorious with Aloeride

Dressage victorious with Aloeride. Team Aloeride dressage rider Lucy Cartwright was in the ribbons again with Fergana where they won the Advanced 100 class with a fabulous

Leafy Oils

I saw something for your horse at the Eden Project (Cornwall) last week. Fabulous place especially their Rain Forest Biome (a 50 metre tall globe

Suzanne Taylor (Endurance Riding)

We are delighted and proud that Suzanne Taylor is one of our Brand Champions. In 2010 Suzanne and her Salsa Caramel were selected for the

The proof is in the hoof

Sorry about the pun, but this is going to be the running commentary on Thoroughbred Bold Pixel and her…

Philippa about Irish’s itch

I have ridden for 20 years and competed in a number of disciplines including: showing; eventing; show jumping; endurance; racing and hunting. Irish (also known

BETA 2014

Our BETA 2014 Aloeride aloe vera stand welcomed many horse owners who enjoyed our trial offer for the best aloe vera for horses.

Way too much rain!!!

It is Valentine’s Day today and the Met Office predicted another ‘terrible day’ of storms. Way too much rain!!! As if we needed any more

Top Show Rider & Producer Loriane Homer On Preparing Your Horse For Bigger Shows

Loraine Homer gives you her top tips for preparing your horse for bigger shows. Loraine Homer has supplemented her competition horses with Aloeride since 2012

More shiny and less stressy

My TB x dressage horse ‘Princess’ is true to name and by nature – she hates going out in the field when its cold and

Topline and hindquarter beefing up

Our friend Julie, who lives near us, has just bought a new horse from Belgium that holds great promise but needs ‘beefing up’ a bit.

Solly at Chatworth

Here is my 21 years old 16:1hh part-thoroughbred and retired show jumper, and me at Chatworth. I have had Solly now for about five years,

Communicating With Your Horse

Every rider knows that when you’re nervous, your horse will pick this up and behave accordingly. You certainly won’t have the leader role, that’s for

Electrolyte Status During Exercise

Huge importance of keeping your horse(s) hydrated starts with allowing your horse to drink ad libitum and then, what can you do beyond that? What

Aloe vera plants in a sachet

Everything in an aloe vera plant is useful except for water and the molecules that cause diarrhoea. We grow the most nutritious species under the best possible conditions using

Exmoor Golden Horseshoe 2014

Aloeride is extremely pleased to sponsor the Exmoor Experience 50 Miles Two Day Class Endurance Riding event in the glorious Exmoor National Park. Exmoor’s Golden Horseshoe endurance