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For Victoria Bax Eventing it’s Sunshine and Smiles

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For Victoria Bax Eventing it’s sunshine and smiles. June kicked off rather well. Crystal Ka and I headed off to Little Downham for the Open Novice class. We produced a nice, polite dressage and the most beautiful double clear, sadly 9 seconds cost us the win, so we finished a creditable 5th. I was thrilled with our performance as both of us were absolutely on form. I was very surprised that I did incur the 9 seconds worth of time penalties because as far as I knew I didn’t take a pull the entire way round (we meant business!) It really does give you a boost for the old confidence when everything goes right on the day as it’s not that often that it does actually happen!

The following week I held my 5th cross country schooling clinic of the year. This time it was held at a super venue called Lodge Farm in Matfield, Kent. This is somewhere I first visited towards the end of last year and found it to be an educational venue. I don’t know of anywhere else that has that amount of combinations set up as Lodge Farm does. It also has a beautiful new water complex with lots of different in and out options. None of my clients attending had ever been to Lodge Farm before, but by the end of their sessions, they were all beaming with pride at their achievements. Sadly my main achievement for the day was to get pretty sunburnt as I didn’t have time to get back to my car to reapply the sunblock (epic fail!).

The following weekend saw scorching temperatures and burning sunshine as we headed off to Stratford Hills. My most local event, Crystal Ka produced a fair dressage although it seems the judge wasn’t feeling the love for everyone’s efforts on that day as none of them had particularly amazing scores. Still, as long as everyone is scored in the same way it still makes the competition fair. Another clear show jump round followed, but by then I had already made my decision that due to the scorching temperatures, in the 30’s and the no real need to run cross country, I withdrew and took my lovely boy home to cool off.
Crystal Ka is my horse of a lifetime and at 15 years old, although that is not overly old, he is an ex-racehorse having completed 23 races by the time he was 4 years old and being my main event horse for the last 10 years so there really was no real benefit in running him in that kind of weather. He means a huge amount to me, much more than just giving me the adrenaline rush of going cross country. As he in no longer running at Intermediate level and is out of Novice points, he can not qualify for anything so there really was no need to put him through that and I would never have forgiven myself if something awful had happened due to the weather. I only wish a few more people thought the same as there were plenty of tired horses out there on that course that I saw while walking my track.

My year is starting to take a turn for the better as more good news has just been received:My one and only, 6-year-old Alberta’s Pride aka Frankie who was very sadly diagnosed with a suspensory ligament injury to his right hind back in January of this year but has now been given the all clear from the vet. It all started in January, following a few months of back issues occurring (too many times in too short a period of time) so I decided there must be something else underlying causing these issues. This was confirmed by a lameness workout, and his right hind suspensory was found to have been enlarged to 21.5mm (his left hind was normal at just 13.5mm). Fortunately, there were no lesions or holes, so the vet was confident it was due to a trauma rather than conformational or other reasons. However, there was always doubt as to whether it would repair itself suitably again. As you know I am a fan of the Arc Equine technology which I have used for a few years now on both horse and human and so in conjunction with the Arc technology and feeding Aloeride we followed our rehabilitation programme to the detail.

The result is that in just five months, in fact, 10 weeks actually as the scan showed the reduction of the suspensory ligament right back down to the same size as the uninjured one. However, the fibres at that time looked good but needed to look thicker and stronger. So the final scan just another ten weeks later showed even more of an improvement to the point where the vet advised that she didn’t think they would look any better given even more time. So, as he was sound and had been back into a good amount of ridden work, i.e. Cantering so she was happy to sign him off.

However, this is not to say he will be going eventing anytime soon. I will, however, continue to increase the load on the suspensory ligament through increased and varied types of work to hopefully ensure the improvement keeps happening so at some point in the not too distant future this little horse who I think an enormous amount of will one day get back out eventing and aiming at fulfilling our dreams.

Please do all keep your fingers and toes crossed that he continues with his improvement!

Also, great news for my grey, Alberta’s Rose who sadly had a fall in the water at her last event has been given the all clear by the vet to get back to work and competition. I was concerned about some swelling that was still viable on one front leg, so decided to get it checked out. Thankfully the vet found no damage to the inside of the leg at all. The only clue which became visible as the leg was clipped ready for scanning was a graze on the side of her cannon bone that couldn’t be felt through the leg hair. She must have really whacked that when she went down and it appears that could be what is responsible for the swelling. With this news, I have had her right back in work, entered her next event and been back out on the cross country course to check that she has not lost any confidence when it comes to water or anything else for that matter. Thankfully she was as keen as ever and thoroughly enjoyed herself.
This means we head off to Brightling Park at the weekend, so until next time…

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Fireworks and explosives
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The month of November might feature fireworks and explosives but that doesn’t mean, as the winter rolls in, that we want to find them under our saddle! Here are our 6 top tips for managing fresh horses

  • If you are feeling the cold, the likelihood is that your horse is too, so get moving as soon as you can.
  • Quarter sheets are great but in windy weather can end up blowing all over the place (Not a great idea on a spooky horse!)
  • Keep your horse’s mind focused on you by incorporating new exercises into your schooling and give plenty of variety.
  • If your horse is looking rather bright in the stable when you turn up to ride, then work him on the ground before you hop on.
  • Don’t take risks with a fresh horse, wearing a hard hat and gloves when leading or handling a horse could save your life.
  • Feed your horse accordingly so that you don’t end up over feeding which could increase the risk of tying up and also add to silly behaviour. Aloeride helps support a healthy digestive system and gut, which in turn can make a meaningful change in mood, cognition and ultimately behaviour. This also means that your horse is more receptive to training and is more likely to be calm during performance.
  • And to help you keep calm about your horse’s health and wellbeing all year, take advantage of our money saving offer here:

N.B: This advice is general and we would always recommend that you professional expert advice on managing your horse.

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Happy New Year & A Busy Christmas For Victoria!

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Our fabulous brand ambassador eventer Victoria Bax brings us up to speed on her Christmas break…

Firstly ‘Happy New Year’ to you all!

I can’t actually believe December has been and gone and we are now full steam ahead towards the 2017 season.

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday period and spent some good times eating and drinking with your families. I was very lucky to receive a super gift of one of my favourite photos taken by my very talented husband, of my top horse Crystal Ka and I tackling the advanced course at Little Downham last year. He had it enlarged and put on a canvas and it now has prime position on my living room wall. I hope everyone received some super gifts too.

I have had an extremely busy time throughout December teaching and coaching at my clinics and especially over the Christmas period where I have had 3 extra horses in for schooling for a number of weeks while their owners continue to enjoy their holidays.

This coupled with the bank holidays and my groom having some sick days leaving me mucking out the entire yard of 7 on my own for nearly a week and trying to prioritise working the 3 schooling liveries and keeping my other commitments, so my team of horses have been on the back burner for a couple of weeks. There simply isn’t enough hours in the day or energy left in my body to work them all too!

All the working liveries have made some good progress during their time with me and I am confident their owners will feel the difference which has been made. I won’t deny I am looking forward to them all going home next weekend so normality can return and I can have a quiet week just working my team to get us back on track and finally start to plan my year ahead.

Until next time…

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Brexit implications for Aloeride aloe vera

Brexit implications for Aloeride aloe vera
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On 23rd June 2016 the British people cast a democratic vote to leave the European Union (51.9% voted Leave, 48.1% voted Remain, 72.2% Turnout, 27.8% Disengaged). To say that the outcome of this EU Referendum is ruffling many feathers is the understatement of the year… It is a seismic shock that pulled the rug from underneath the apparent status quo. We take the view that it’s way too early to predict how this will pan out. In the immediate aftermath, these are the Brexit implications for Aloeride aloe vera we can see.

During Richard Nixon’s visit to Beijing in 1972, the Chinese premier, Zhou Enlai, was asked about the impact of the French Revolution. Speaking of an event that took place nearly two centuries previously, Zhou famously commented that it was ‘too early to say’.

Shop whilst the exchange rates drop

The value of Pound Sterling plummeted immediately after the vote was announced, which was excellent news for everybody buying Aloeride from abroad. Both a carton and a pack cost you A LOT LESS in your currency! We alerted our overseas contacts and many made a bargain purchase! The flip side for us is that the aloe vera we have grown becomes much more expensive which squeezes our already tight margin.

In 1940 Winston Churchill wrote to Australian Prime Minister Robert Menzies “success always demands a greater effort”. As true then as it is now. If “success is going from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm” is anything to go by, then the worst thing one can do is to lose enthusiasm. The European Central Bank doesn’t seem to lose enthusiasm, despite the Italian government’s debt, at €2.5 trillion, being about the same size as the debt owed by the French and German governments, and is larger than the combined government debt of Spain, Portugal, Greece, and Ireland, the four countries that needed financial bailouts. Troubled times ahead me thinks.