Use Aloeride in context

We believe that you should use Aloeride in context. This is not a cop out, far from it, we simply advocate what is sensible. You see, growing a healthy you, or restoring a not-so-healthy you, has a lot in common with good gardening. Assuming that wisdom is intelligence in context, we suggest we aim for that.

You settle down – a spot in the park, a table at a restaurant – where you like it best. Your choice of true friend is whom you’re comfortable with… All species and organisms operate in this naturally, self-preserving way, both good and bad bugs do this too. Aloeride helps promote an environment that your vital-for-your-good-health gut bacteria thrive in.

Organically Fertilise Soil + Optimise Microbiome: Aloeride delivers nutrients and helps your gut microbiome grow in favour of health-beneficial bacteria, i.e. it ‘prepares the soil’ to create an environment that healthy bacteria like best. Research shows aloe vera to change the gut pH, normalise stool bacteria (which is reflective of a better bacterial balance in your gut), improve protein digestion (bacterial cultures make enzymes that digest food), improve food transit (faecal transit time) not least because aloe vera makes stools retain water (i.e. remain flexible), and improve nutrient absorption.

Optimise Microbiome: Now you’ve got a more favourable environment for growing healthy bacteria, it makes excellent sense to increase the number of them and the variety of them. You can do this at almost zero-cost. A milk kefir starter culture gives you a limitless quantity of DIY probiotic bacteria that work better than most products sold in shops. Milk kefir works fine even if you’re lactose sensitive, just let it ferment for longer. Drink 250mL every day, it tastes delicious, and is much more exciting (and more effective!) than natural yoghurt. You can add it to smoothies.

Human microbiota consists of 10 times more bacteria than human cells in the body, including up to more than 1,000 species dominated by anaerobic bacteria and encode for 100 to 200 times more genes than our own genome. This conservatively estimated population is FUNCTIONAL and this means that, as you change, it changes. But here’s the thing, it also changes you! You know already of course that your gut flora has a huge say in your immune system’s capabilities. Did you realise the following?

Microbiome Changers: Stress – via your brain to gut axis direction – changes the composition, diversity and number of intestinal bacteria. The communities of bacteria become less varied, and there are greater numbers of potentially harmful bacteria. However many good bacteria you ‘plant and water’, stress bats for the opposing team. Everyday stress often stems from conflicts in your brain (T-junction do I go left, do I go right uncertainty) and this where a little mind mapping can bring a lot of clarity, so you know which turn to take. Hence why brain gain is in our approach. Whilst clearing up these conflicts in your attic, grow your good gut bacteria at the same time (aloeride + kefir), it helps you cope with panic and anxiety [Long term administration of Lactobacillus rhamnosus induced anxiolytic (antipanic or antianxiety) and antidepressant effects by modulating the expression of GABA receptors in the brain .

Stress is the fight or flight reaction as you know: a flight response may root in a fear of failure (common a muck) and a fight response may root in ‘anger’ to yet another thing on the plate when life is already too busy (common as muck). You may not know that animals raised in a germ-free environment show exaggerated HPA (hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal) responses to psychological stress, and that this normalises when guts are colonised by certain bacterial species including Bifidobacterium infantis. So, by growing more good gut bacteria you affect how well your body and you can stand up to stress.

Microbiome Changers: Exercise, because in a case-control study Irish athletes had a far wider range of intestinal microbes than did matched controls who weren’t athletes. Athletes also had a far higher diversity of gut bugs — 22 phyla, 68 families, and 113 genera compared with just 11 phyla, 33 families and 65 genera for controls with a low body mass index (BMI), and 9 phyla, 33 families and 61 genera for controls with a high BMI. [Source: Source Reference: Clarke SF, et al “Exercise and associated dietary extremes impact on gut microbial diversity” Gut 2014; DOI: 10.1136/gutjnl-2013-306541] It is plain sensible to include exercise in order to yield maximum benefit out Aloeride and kefir.

We simply advocate what is sensible, the kefir is zero-cost if you DIY it with starter cultures (ready-made also available), the mapping is zero-cost as we help Newsletter subscribers to free advice, the exercise is zero-cost and brisk walking is just perfect, and the Aloeride we sell at 20% discount and worldwide free delivery. So, will Aloeride work only when you use it in context? No of course not, we just want you to get the best possible results out of Aloeride.

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