10 Positive Steps You Can Take Today With The Coronavirus Crisis

10 Positive Steps You Can Take Today With The Coronavirus Crisis

Staying positive is just one of the challenges we face surrounding this reportedly dreadful virus. The uncertainty, the dramatic change to our everyday lives can feel unsettling, so we’ve come up with ten steps you can take to cope and manage day-to-day living while the Coronavirus is prevalent. 10 Positive Steps You Can Take Today With The Coronavirus Crisis:

Use Your Free Time Productively
Repaint the hallway walls? Tidy up the garden or even clearing out the cupboards. Declutter your home, room by room. Physically all of these activities will have a positive effect on your mindset, and you’ll be thankful that you used this time productively.

Learn A New Skill Online
There are lots of online courses you can try. Whether it’s a new skill or brushing up your knowledge in an area, you already know well. Whether it’s work or play, it could be just the distraction you need! Udemy is just one such platform with one hundred thousand online courses!

Read That Book
If there’s a book that you have been meaning to read, but have never quite found the time, then now is that time! Reading a good book will help you escape from the drama of today and also help you switch off your brain before bedtime. Compared with a printed book, a light-emitting e-books decrease sleepiness, reduce REM sleep and substantially suppress the normal bedtime rise of melatonin (hormone that regulates sleep-wake cycle). So read the good stuff in print.

With the children home, working from home might be more challenging. If you can set the alarm earlier before the children wake up, then it will give you some quiet time to concentrate without interruption. If your children are very young, try working when they are having a nap or after you put them to bed. If they are older and more self-sufficient, use your time after they have gone to bed to plan a few activities for them to keep them occupied for short increments of time. Allow yourself a lunch break and set tea breaks to focus on your children, chat and play a game.

Be Social
During self-isolation, you need to be mindful of your own mental well-being and social contact without the physical element is still really important. Keep connected with friends and family via the phone or Skype and Facetime. Saying hello and having a daily chat is imperative for your mental health.

Walk The Talk
Download a positive podcast and listen to it for a daily walk. Great company for a stroll alone if you are choosing to self-isolate. You’ll mentally feel better too. Walking is excellent exercise, and incorporating it into your daily routine will give you some structure around your short-term living arrangements.

Be Neighbourly
If you are in a position where you can help your elderly or venerable neighbours safely, then reach out your hand to help. This is an unsettling time for us all, but for an elderly or fragile person living on their own, it is very frightening. Just pop a note through your neighbour’s door with your contact details on and offer help to get food and sundries if they need it, will be much appreciated.

Snooze The Negatives
If you are finding that your Facebook personal feed is full of doom and gloom, then snooze the repeat offenders for 30 days! All you need to do is click the three dots on the right-hand corner of the post, and it will give you an option to snooze the person’s posts. You’ll stop seeing their posts for 30 days, and when their posts return to your feed, hopefully, they’ll be of a more positive tone.

Stay Healthy
Make yourself inhospitable to viruses. Both well-made vitamin C and well-made vitamin D have anti-viral effect. This is dose dependent and works best as prevention. An ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure. Homemade clever smoothies fuel up your immune system, just see what veg, fruit, grapes and berries are available in the shops. Juice Plus Premium is dehydrated raw vegetables, fruits, grapes and berries in capsules. Their nutrient mix helps you fight microbes. In vitro test revealed that aloe vera polysaccharides could inhibit the replication of a H1N1 subtype influenza virus, readers who take the Aloeride may find that reassuring.  Sleep aplenty.

Support Your Small & Local Businesses
The Coronavirus will affect footfall to most local and small businesses. Still, many will be now offering online, delivery and special offers, so take advantage of this new way of short-term living. As a small family run business ourselves, we know the importance of fantastic customer care and delivering a quality, outstanding product to our customers. These aspects set us apart from our competitors. You want to enjoy the benefit of shopping from these companies when life has returned to normality, support them now when they need your trade even more.

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