7 Epic Competition Fails You Won't Want To Admit To

7 Epic Competition Fails You Won’t Want To Admit To

Some 7 epic competition fails you won’t want to admit to:
1. Arriving At The Competition 20+ Miles Away & Realising You Forgot Your Girth/Bridle/Passport/Entry Money/Horse * Delete As Relevant.

2. Learning The Wrong Dressage Test (Even Worse: Riding The Wrong Test).

3. Having A Fantastic Warm-Up, Feeling Overly Confident, Entering The Arena/Ring/Starting Box And Falling Off (Horses are great levellers!).

One of 7 epic competition fails you won't want to admit to: Exit The Arena
British Dressage Summer Regional Championships Addington Manor 2011 Friday and Saturday 12th & 13th August. Photo in Horse & Hound post “12 of the world’s biggest rider frighteners.”

4. Agreeing To Make Up Numbers For Your Yard’s Dressage Team For A Forthcoming Competition, Then The Grim Realisation On The Day That Your Horse Thinks The Letter ‘B’ Stands For ‘Bolt’ & ‘E’ Stands For ‘Exit’ The Arena.

5. Not Practicing Riding With Other Horses At Speed And Discovering In The ‘Novice Hunter’ Showing Class That Your Horse Could Rival The Winner At The 2.45pm At Epsom In The Gallop Phase. (You’re Considering Changing His Show Name To ‘Fast & Furious’).

6. Packing The Lorry With Everything But The Horse, Then Trying To Load The Horse For 45 Mins. Arriving At The Competition Late, Having A Horrendous Performance Under Saddle. Then Having To Spend A Further Hour Trying To Load The Horse In Order To Return Home & Cry.

7. Forgetting To Remove Your Tail Bandage/Boots/Bandages. Entering The Ring/Arena & Thinking Everyone Is Staring And Commenting Because They Are Admiring Your Amazing Riding Skills. #epicfail

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