Horse feed supplements and does your horse need them during lockdown

Horse Feed Supplements And Does Your Horse Need Them During Lockdown

What about horse feed supplements and does your horse need them during lockdown? With a lot of horse owners making the decision to step away from the saddle or be forced to reduce their horses’ exercise plans during the lockdown, our MD Han van de Braak BSc LicAc MCSP MBAcC (Retd.) discusses the pro’s and con’s of feeding supplements during COVID-19. We understand that both you and your horses’ ‘normal’ routines have most likely had to adapt to lockdown. For many of you, this might mean no riding or perhaps having to cut down on your horses’ regular exercise regime. So, maybe you’re thinking that you could cut a few corners financially and possibly stop your horses’ supplements while your horse is having a ‘COVID-19 holiday’. “After all, he’s not being ridden, so it’s just a waste of money”, some of you might be thinking. For some horses, stopping their supplements during this time may well have no impact at all, but for some horses removing a supplement from their diet could harm their health and wellbeing. In this blog, I explain what you need to consider before stopping your horses’ supplements during the lockdown.

Slowly Does It

I’m a big believer in making slow changes to horse’s diets, and for me, that includes roughage and supplements, not just hard feed. I know enough about horses’ digestive systems to know that they are incredibly delicate. The last issue you want right now is to have to call out an emergency vet due to a sudden change in his diet, causing digestive issues. If you are going to take your horse off the supplement, I would reduce it slowly over the course of a couple or more weeks, just in case in the current climate, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Why Is Your Horse On The Supplement?

Before you stop your horses’ supplementation, think about why you put your horse on the supplement in the first place. Most supplements have a more significant dose loading period, so stopping it for a month or two, could end up not being that cost-effective at all, if you end up at square one again and have to do a full loading period all over again. If you are horse is on a joint supplement, it might be helping your horse’s mobility and movement, just because you are not benefiting from it under saddle, your horse possibly will be regardless. Try and think of the bigger benefits of feeding the supplement and how it affects your horse’s overall wellbeing.

Review Your Supplements

Now is a great time to review your supplements. Perhaps you have been feeding a supplement forever but noticed that maybe you are not getting the same results as you used to. Lots of factors can change how supplements work, from subtle tweaks in the ingredients, through to aging or further deterioration in the body. Shop around and do your research. Checking out verified reviews is also an excellent way to make an informed decision as is getting in touch with the company to talk through your horse’s issues. We are passionate about our customers and their horses, which is why we are always happy to chat through our pure organic aloe vera supplement and how it could help your horse.

About Aloeride:

Aloeride is a fantastic all-round supplement which helps support a healthy digestive system, coat, skin and hooves. All our organic aloe vera goodness is not only an easy to feed, taste-free supplement, but it doesn’t conflict with other supplements you may be feeding, making it the ideal allrounder for a range of holistic stable management reasons.

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