Horse Owner Planning Ahead For Christmas Day

Horse Owner Planning Ahead For Christmas Day

Planning ahead for Christmas day is easy with our top tips for horse owners looking to save time on Christmas Day in our latest equestrian blog. Whether it’s sharing yard chores with friends or being super-efficient single-handily, we’ve got Christmas day covered! Are you a horse owner planning ahead for Christmas Day?

Deep Litter Beds

Opting for a deep litter bed over Christmas could give you a few extra hours back over the festive period. Skip out and let them enjoy their plush luxury mattress bed before you run the bed down when normality returns after the Christmas holidays.

Make Up Your Meals

Make up your horse’s meals with supplements in advance with bowls marked morning, lunch, dinner and store them with covers in a rodent-proof bin, so you can quickly feed without the fuss. If you’re planning more than two days’ worth and don’t have enough spare bowls, make your horses’ feed up into clear plastic bags and write on each one. You can then easily decant them into the relevant bowls for the following days.

Hay You

Make your haynets up in advance, so you only have to grab, hang and go. If you feed hay or haylage on the floor, then tie the bales together with bailing twine, so you can quickly grab a section and distribute.

Security Solved

If there will be fewer people around the yard on Christmas Day, make sure you are even more vigilant about security when entering and leaving the yard. Leaving a radio on during the day and in-between visits, a light on overnight, and even removing your tack from the yard could be options. Remember, thieves, operate 365 days of the year!

Routine & Relevant

If possible, stick to your horse’s regular routine. If this involves turning them out for half a day and you can’t make it down to bring them in at lunchtime, ask a friend if they might be able to bring them in a little earlier for you, if you were able to feed their horses in return for them on Christmas morning. If you’re lucky enough to be in a yard with friends, it could be that you can share chores over Christmas and Boxing day to give you all some time at home with the family.

Plan Ahead

Plan your horse’s exercise routine to co-inside with time off over Christmas. Working your horse in the days leading up to Christmas with the view to a day off in the field on Christmas Day will ensure your horse is relaxed and happy on his Christmas holiday!

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