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Jan de Vries likes Aloeride

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The Sunday Post article about Aloeride by Jan de Vries.
One of the best-known naturopaths in the UK is Jan de Vries. He has given hundreds of lectures, not only in the UK but all over the world, and he as written over 45 books on health subjects. Jan loves Aloeride Extra Strong and dispenses it from his many clinics. Here is an article he wrote for The Sunday Post in 2008 (click image to enlarge it).

The price mentioned in this article was the JDV Healthcare promotion price for the 180mg vegicapsules, Aloeride Extra Strong contains 426mg per vegetarian capsule.

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Does Aloeride dissolve in water

Aloeride aloe vera close up
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Aloeride aloe vera is a latex-free, whole leaf Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller food supplement. This means that we carefully process both the inner leaf (transparent gel in above image) as well as the rind (green outer fold in above image). As you know from What Does Aloe Vera Do, aloe vera is a desert plant that contains some 95% water that, without a proper water-tight container, would evaporate in a jiffy. The gel is where aloe vera stores its 95% water and its water-soluble nutrients. The rind is the barrier that stops the aloe vera gel (water) from evaporating, so obviously the rind is not water-soluble but lipid-based. So that’s where its lipid-soluble nutrients reside. Does Aloeride dissolve in water? The gel aspect of Aloeride aloe vera dissolves but the rind aspect forms a suspension, this is normal, expected and perfectly fine… after all, most of what you eat does not dissolve in water either (e.g. vegetables, fruits, carpaccio).

Aloe vera latex comes from just under the plant’s rind and is yellow in colour (often referred to as the yellow sap), it causes a strong laxative effect depending on the polyhydroxyanthraquinones (PHA) measurement. In Aloeride Extra Strong that PHA measurement is smaller than 0.1 ppm which means that in effect all laxative molecules have been removed. That makes it safe.

The big importance of this is, that it makes Aloeride Extra Strong safe for people who want support their digestive (bowel) function with aloe vera nutrients but who at all cost must avoid molecules that aggravate already loose stools (IBD, UC, CD, IBS-D, IBS-A). So, Aloeride Extra Strong is a non-latex aloe vera food supplement. Many manufacturers fail to declare latex status on their labelling, so people get caught out and mistakenly blame mishaps on aloe vera in general. That is why we explain the significant differences between aloe products in Proven Premium Quality, it may be important for you to know this.

Just to be clear, there is no need to mix Aloeride Extra Strong with water prior to ingesting it. You simply swallow our vegetarian capsule with ample of water, once or several times a day. That’s how you bypass the unpleasant taste of aloe vera gel and aloe vera juice! There are only two incidences when you may want to mix Aloeride Extra Strong with a liquid. 1st: For tissue issues in between your lips and the sphyncter at the top of your stomach. To help your gums for instance, open the conisnap vegicapsule and empty powder content onto a small spoon. Put the powder in your mouth, take a swig of water and swirl the mixture ’round and ’round. With contact time of the essence, the longer you swirl, the better. Then swallow the mixture, do not spit out like you do with a mouthwash! 2nd: For a topical application such as a facial mask.

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Dietrich Klinghardt MD PhD

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Having attended several of Dietrich Klinghardt’s seminars in the UK, we are well familiar with his approach and we offer two product categories he recommends and do this at affordable prices. Like every naturopathy-orientated physician, Dr. Klinghardt recommends optimal nutrition, detoxification and sanitation. Throughout his years of teaching, emphasis and interest shifted towards the mental and spiritual end of his health triangle. Within our website we offer a similar but much less complicated approach as well as five of the products Dr. Klinghardt MD PhD recommends:

ParaRizol Gamma
ParaRizol Zeta
Depyrrol Plus (starting point)
Depyrrol Maintenance
Depyrrol Kind (for young children)

Dr.Med. Dietrich Klinghardt studied Medicine (1969-1975) and Psychology (1975-1979) in Freiburg (Germany) completing his PhD on the involvement of the autonomic nervous system in autoimmune disorders. Several publications followed. Early in his career, he became interested in the sequelae of chronic toxicity (especially Lead, Mercury, environmental pollutants and electromagnetic fields) for the course of illness. While working in India as a junior Physician, he encountered Eastern concepts of disease etiology and blended them with his Western training which laid the foundation for his Integrative Medicine approach.

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Happiness is something we all want and from Our Approach you know that we think that having enough energy to enjoy life to the full, together with you being OK with you, are keys to unlock it. If you don’t have energy, then everything looks uphill… If you ‘shoot’ at yourself, then people around you get hit too (collateral damage in relationships). Happiness is much more than merely the absence of conflict, and yes, getting rid of internal conflict is a prerequisite to happiness, but you’ll be surprised how much a little discipline of mapping can help lots. Surprisingly enough, you can train happiness by creating happy habits that literally re-wire your brain (you building different neuronal pathways) and what a smart move if you fuel happiness by feeding your brain healthier nutrients. It’s a choice, it takes effort, it takes self-discipline but oh my, trying is so worth it!   Try these for a quick boost:

  • Listen to and delight in what is beautiful to your EAR
    That can be Pharrell Williams’ song (the perfect tune to play whilst you are reading this Post, we hope you’ll agree), the Benedictus in Mozart’s Requiem, glorious birdsong during their dawn chorus, whatever lifts your spirit. Bookmark those moments, so your memory can find the tunes when life turns quiet.
  • Look at and delight in what is beautiful to your EYES
    The colour universally considered to be uplifting is green and outdoors there’s more of it. Also outdoors has more oxygen than indoors (unless windows are wide open) and oxygen is good for you. Beyond green there are beautiful shapes and lovely lines to look at. And we know, what if you only can see the glass as half empty? It’s amazing how often people see their glass differently when they don’t feel knackered, so try
  • DO things TOGETHER
    Talk to someone you like (love in all but a word), don’t Whatsapp, don’t Instagram, don’t Email… talk for real. Face to face, so you can give someone a hug or a handshake. And do stuff together, your happiness increases many times when you help others, this can be as simple as riding a pushbike around Pitsford Reservoir with a friend. Sing, make music with others. Walk the unspoilt National Trust coastlines and parks. Give some of your time to charitable works, usually the gratitude you receive is far greater than the effort you put in. Bookmark those shared moments, so your memory can find the views when you have nobody around for company.

mala meditation brain pathways mapping

Of course unhappiness can hit like a meteorite -bereavement or very serious accident- but more often than not, people slowly slide into it. If you are slithering downhill or you know someone who is going that way, then please let them know about our approach. It may just help turn an amber traffic light to green, rather than it going red.

Here’s a suggestion to boost your happiness RIGHT NOW:   get out of chair, turn up volume, refresh this page and dance like nobody’s watching for the entire length of Pharrell Williams’ song

. Sing like no one is listening.  Love like you’ve never been hurt.  Dance like nobody’s watching,  and live like it’s heaven on earth.

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Lactose Intolerance

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Did you know that many people who are told that they’re lactose intolerant are not truly intolerant? So, what is it one can do to make life a lot more comfortable and enjoy a little bit of Camembert, Wensleydale or Cheddar? At Aloeride, we are particularly fond of Salade Chèvre Chaud… a mountain of fresh salad with on top, warm goat’s cheese on thinly sliced toast, oh yum! How sad if you would have to forego such a healthy delicacy, especially if this would be because of a fictitious reason of lactose intolerance. There’s lactose intolerance, there’s sensitivity and there’s digestive capacity…

For most people it is true that, if their gut flora (modern term is gut microbiome) would be more diverse and robust, their sensitivity or perceived intolerance to lactose would be less or even non-existent. The simple reason for this is, that a more diverse/robust gut flora makes a greater quantity of more diverse enzymes to break down food, including lactose. Lactose is broken down by lactase into common glucose and galactose. Unless you have the rare metabolic disorder Galactosaemia , your body can metabolise i.e. tolerate galactose. Most people’s lactose problem stems from not making enough lactase. You can change this. Between 1 vegetarian capsule of Aloeride once or twice a day and a gradual increase of double-fermented milk kefir (so all fermentation has happened outside your body) you can build a diverse and robust gut microbiome. From our approach you may have seen that you should give the effect of your brain on your gut considerable consideration. More stress, less tolerant to lactose. Your gut microbiome changes with what you eat, with your prevailing mood, with your physical activity level, and throughout seasons.

If you make milk kefir yourself, which is what Han advised to many of his patients, then, instead of just fermenting the kefir overnight, you leave it to ferment for longer. This is the same approach as taken in the Specific Carbohydrate Diet with double fermented yoghurt… lactose fermentation takes place in the jar and not in your body. So you’ll get all the benefit from the wider spectrum, probiotic cultures and none of the disadvantages of lactose.

Of course you know of IgE-based, acute allergy (sufferers carry an EpiPen epinephrine autoinjector) but you may not be familiar with slow IgG immune responses. The danger of acute allergy is anaphylactic shock which can be triggered by food but also by biting or stinging insects or even medication. Thus ‘IgE’ presents a non-negotiable scenario but ‘IgG’ often allows for managed transgressions.

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Aloe vera plants in a sachet

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Aloeride aloe vera Soil Association certified organicEverything in an aloe vera plant is useful except for water and the molecules that cause diarrhoea. We grow the most nutritious species under the best possible conditions using the cleverest technology to capture the magic of aloe vera into an Aloeride sachet. Uniquely within the horse world, ours is a Soil Association certified organic feed supplement that is made to the same Quality Control as the Aloeride Extra Strong we make for human consumption.

Having grown and harvested the plant, we ‘cherry pick’ our raw material via stringent independent laboratory testing. Of course we use the cleverest way for whole leaf juice (gel) to become a powder. That’s how we know, and you can be assured, that the working molecules remain present in abundance. In Aloeride we sachet the pure powder without adding anything to it other than a minute amount of inert AEROSIL® 200 Pharma which is high purity, amorphous anhydrous colloidal silicon dioxide to optimise the flow of our very hygroscopic Aloeride aloe vera powder. The big advantage of keeping the sachet content pure is that there’s nothing to adversely react to and in powder form our aloe vera is very palatable. Even fussy horses don’t reject it, that’s a big plus over aloe liquid! Everything that optimally grown aloe vera has to offer goes into our sachet, a massive 12 litres per carton (30 sachets is 1 month supply). One sachets delivers the nutritional value from 400 MILLILITRES of original, organic wholeleaf aloe vera barbadensis miller juice.

All manufacturers have the choice what Quality Control they produce to and from the independent laboratory tests on competitor products we know that many take a different view on bottom lines, profit margins and your best interests than we do. We set out to make the absolute best possible aloe vera product for your horse, with independently documented, verifiable Quality Control and we let financial implications be a secondary issue. This may not make the best business sense but it sure makes the best human sense. You want the best possible help for your horse, so that’s what we make for you. We further help you by making Aloeride extremely affordable by comparison.

In case you’re thinking about growing an aloe vera plant on your kitchen window sill… Excellent idea (e.g. for when the oven attacks the chef at home) but for any species of aloe vera plant to develop its spectrum of polysaccharides, it needs a lot of sunshine. Which is the one thing we haven’t got a lot of in Blighty. That’s why there’s Aloeride. There is another thing, all unprocessed aloe vera plants contain laxative anthraquinones – as indeed do other aloe vera products – so, should you eat from the plant on your kitchen sill, you know what to expect…