More shiny and less stressy

My TB x dressage horse ‘Princess’ is true to name and by nature – she hates going out in the field when its cold and miserable and loves being pampered. She likes to be admired and the first time I rode her in an arena with mirrors, she spent most of her time garping at her reflection!!! We currently compete at Novice level dressage but we are seriously focusing on our training and are having regular lessons with our instructor in the hope one day Princess and I will be out competing at Medium level! We’ve had Princess on Aloeride for over 7 months now and she looks amazing on it -more shiny and less stressy- and everyone always comments on how good her coat is and her rubbish TB flat feet can actually keep shoes on now and aren’t as crumbly. I don’t know if Aloeride helps with temperament but she’s a lot less stressy (Even when we work her in the rain or goodness forbid sleet!!)
Love Lilly and Princess Penelope xxx

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  1. Hi I am already a convert to Aloeride as it is a godsend to my horse Prophet with his tummy issues. Now I have another horse with completely different problems, a 7 year old GREY mare with skin issues. I have only had her for 3 months and she came to me with 3 sarcoids one of which has grown rapidly. When I read of Aloerides help with sweetitch etc I decided to try it for my mare, after all it can only be of benefit to her health overall.

    I have taken before photos and will keep you posted of her progress.

    Yours sincerely

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